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[rpd] Policy Development Working Group co-Chairs selection

Mon Apr 12 15:31:03 UTC 2021

Hi Daniel,

>From a realistic and practical standpoint, do you think it makes sense to have selected co-chairs for the next PPM and at the same time start a new selection, that takes a lot of resources, and makes difficult to keep discussing policy proposals in the list, which are much needed after the horrible decisions taken in the last two years?

Just look at the number of policy proposals and how badly the lack of consensus decision for non-justified objections, ruined them. Even if you agree/disagree with those decisions, just read carefully the recall results, and read also the Appeal Committee minutes, and look to how two different of groups of people can clash in the interpretation of the PDP, including the point that the AC believes that the judgment needs to be done only which what happen in the meeting, while always we have been told that the list is part of the decision …

Further to that, if there have been no other qualified candidates now, do you think they will magically appear in the next month, for a new selection?

Do you think that if some candidates clearly attempted to commit fraud (by themselves or whom brokered their nomination), should be allowed to participate as candidates again?

What about the “new” increase in subscriptions to the list from the same residential IP addresses? How many folks in each household, you can believe to be participating with knowledge at the PDP discussions?

I think there are sufficient arguments to ensure that there is at least 2 years of stability and healing, at least until we can define a better way to handle the elections and AFRINIC can ensure that 1 participant is only 1 email and not being used as puppets.

I’m sorry if this email can look as a bit “aggressive”, it not that my intent, I just want to be honest and crystal clear, as usually, but much more now, when the selection done by the PDWG is being discussed repeatedly every other hour.




El 12/4/21 17:12, "Daniel Yakmut via RPD" <rpd at> escribió:

Dear Noah,

I am only saying we must be cautious at responding to each others opinions, without being seen to be arrogant about it.

However, you will note my angst is against the fact we are extending the tenure of the Co-chairs midway. Clearly, the guidelines and timelines was specific that we were taken action to bring on board 2 Co-chairs to "complete the tenure of recalled co-chairs". How do you explain the allocation/arrogation of one-year and two-year tenure when the new co-chairs emerged.

If I will say, was there no deception? I am led to conclude that if the two selected persons were not the ones that made it to the end, tenure extension would not have been muted. For the records I will not support illegality.



On 12/04/2021 2:49 pm, Noah wrote:

Hi Daniel

I have never presumed anyone is stupid. I am a Christian and no human created by the Almight God is stupid, but some can be foolish and have seen enough foolishness going on herein. Like your name sake Daniel submitted the other day, this is the RPD list and the PDWG and not Facebook or Twitter.

Let us call a spade a spade and I will not bullshit around..... the selected co-Chairs can moderate me if I have crossed the line but we can't continue playing games and wasting each other's time as working group participants.

We all agreed to the timelines the secretariat shared with this WG in terms of selecting new co-chairs, criteria were deliberated and we were all involved including some of the candidates that applied to be considered for the role.

1. Some candidates like Antony and Widjane were disqualified after their own nominators in their initial application declined the nomination. This is a serious concern imho because nominators must be folks known to a person. Those applications had motivations written, obviously not by the nominator but someone else therefore they are forgeries. A resource member then attempted to re-nominate both of them days past the deadline. Both ought to take some lessons and the needed experience going forward.

2. There was another nomination that the nominee declined, that is, our former co-chair Abdulkarim. The brother indicated that he would be very busy attending to other things in the coming days and months....hence dropped out of the race.

3. Then there was Elvis, who lacked a resource member to second his nomination. The brothers CV speaks louder as he literally lacks the experience and required technical knowledge based on his own CV to manage this PDWG. The PDWG and its PDP focus on Internet Number Resources policies and not liberal arts, language and political science. I refer you to his CV specifically the experience section.

4. In the past days and weeks, the PDWG across the board participated in selecting new co-Chairs in line with the timelines that the secretariat indicated, so that we can have managers to lead the PPM in the coming months. Considering 1., 2., and .3, above, most participants settled for Vincent and Darwin whose nominators and seconders are resource members and confirmed to have nominated and seconded them.

You claim you are trying to correct misnomers, and among those corrections is to have the WG spend a great deal of its time with another co-Chair selection after the conclusion of an open, transparent selection process that has had this WG spend weeks working on acceptable criteria, guidelines, the nominations and eventually the consensus based selection process.

I have listened to you and am suggesting that, If anything, we are all taking lessons and we shall improve the process through this very avenue of the PDP but let's stop with the nonsense.



On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 1:32 PM Daniel Yakmut <yakmutd at> wrote:

Dear Noah,

You don't cease to amaze me, when you write or talk you presume everyone around you is stupid and you are the smart one. I can clearly see that you are too full of yourself and this make you write the way you do.

Here we are trying to correct misnomers and you are busy writing gibberish. I don't waste people's time though I live in the AFRINIC REGION nor do I contradict myself in any form.

However, when one has taken the course of being a Despot, he doesn't listen nor understand what others are saying.



On 11/04/2021 8:40 pm, Noah wrote:

On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 6:19 PM Daniel Yakmut via RPD <rpd at> wrote:

For transparency sake

What are you even talking about?

and for posterity too, we must conduct another
exercise to select/elect co-chairs.

Of course with endless obsessions over co-Chair elections instead of focusing on Policy Development Work.

I wouldn't mine if the exercise
reproduce the same persons again.

Are you even listening to yourself....I mean, If there is anything we do best in the AFRINIC region, it is to waste everyone's time with all sorts of contradictions and we are really good at that crap.


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