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[rpd] Missing ratification request documents

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Feb 16 10:47:56 UTC 2021

> On Feb 16, 2021, at 01:03 , Sylvain BAYA <abscoco at> wrote:


> Dear PDWG,

> Hope you are safe and well!


> Please see my comments below...


> Le mar. 16 févr. 2021 05:54, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :


> > The former working group co-chairs claim that they sent the notice for

> > board ratification of two policies.

> >

> > Specifically:

> > Board Prerogative

> > Inter-RIR Transfer Policy

> >

> > The board claims that they did not receive it.

> >


> Hi Owen,

> Thanks for starting this thread, brother.


> ...two opposed claims on a simple

> process.

> So, where is the truth?

Not necessarily. It is possible that the chairs sent it in good faith and that some
technical problem or error prevented the board from receiving it. I prefer to
believe that both parties acted in good faith until it is proven otherwise.

So far, I have no reason to believe that either party did not act in good faith.

> > Therefore I request that the co-chairs please re-send their email to board

> > to this list and to the board

> > so that we can all see the email in question and so that the board may

> > proceed accordingly.

> >


> ...maybe it's a job for next PDWG's

> Chairs?

No, it is a job for the previous co-chairs to finish the task that they were supposed
to have completed before leaving office.

> Also, note that it seems as at least one

> of the following statements is true:


> ~°~

> • one party is lying;

> • previous PDWG's Chairs have

> effectivelly sent that email to the

> AFRINIC's BoD, but it ended without delivery;

I think this is most likely and I think that the simple solution is for the co-chairs
to re-send the notice(s) to this list and the board simultaneously so the there is
no question or doubt as to the message getting sent and that it is extremely
unlikely the board would not see it in the process.

> • PDWG's Chairs have not sent a copie

> of the supposed sent email to report to

> the AfriNIC's BoD that those DPPs

> should be ratified;

> • another? :-/

> ~°~


> ...hence it seems to be necessary, IMHO

> for transparency and optimization, to

> know exactely what happened, before

> going forward. Corrections/fixes, if need

> be, would accur then.

I don’t think we need to waste an inordinate amount of time researching how the
mail failed to get delivered if the co-chairs can simply re-send it now and the board
can move forward with it at that point.

> > Since this is an action of co-chairs taken prior to recall, there should

> > be no problem with the co-chairs

> > sending the document again.

> >


> ...please see above.

Nothing above makes me think that this is a problem.


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