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[rpd] Report from Recall Committee

Daniel Yakmut yakmutd at
Thu Feb 11 19:24:08 UTC 2021

Dear All

> I just completed reading the documents attached to the report of the

> Recall Committee. I wish that the recall committee did not come to the

> conclusions they did. Though they claimed to have considered all

> opinions, I will want to argue that is doesn’t seem so. There are

> still grey issues that still in doubt, as the prima facie remains

> unclear and very vague to justify the recommendation (though some do

> not agree that the outcome was a recommendation) for a recall.


> A recall is a major decision that has significant impact on the

> community and it is now a precedent. The reasons and facts that form

> the basis for the final decision remains unclear.


> The general rules as regards the conduct of members is applicable to

> both Co-Chairs and the community, especially those that participate on

> the RPD. However, the past months has shown that all sort of behaviors

> was permitted, as members engaged, in making offensive comments,

> personal attacks, bullying, unfounded accusations and abusive terms.

> Similarly, some members (the usual suspects) have constantly launched

> attacks on the co-chairs as long as decisions and discussions do not

> go their way. I expected that the RC should have taken cognizance of

> these actions and see that there was a pattern by some members who

> have been unnecessarily aggrieved, since the elections in Kampala.

> Since then, they have vowed to make the tenure of the Co-Chairs

> impossible. The same persons finally came up with trump up charges for

> a recall and it seems the RC felt for it. So in my opinion the RC had

> look more intently to one side of the coin and gloss over the other

> leaving a serious window for biased judgement wide open.


> Though the RC has pronounced violations by the Co-Chairs, I truly

> failed to see these violations. The response of the Co-Chairs clearly

> shows that they have remained within the ambits of the CPM. So I

> wouldn’t know where the infractions are coming from. I can also see

> that in coming to conclusions the RC infused their personal opinions

> in determining the actions of the Co-Chairs, this I see as conflicting.


> The precedent set by the RC is uncommon and therefore we cannot wish

> it away. Hence we need to find better ways to move forward.


> Of Course I will not subscribe to the herding suggestions being peddle

> around as solutions to the current stalemate. Since, we strictly want

> to operate by the book, let us stick to that. No one should

> contemplate suggestions and options that are outside the CPM. This is

> the way forward.


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