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[rpd] AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy

Owen DeLong owen at
Sun Nov 10 21:42:44 UTC 2019

> On Nov 10, 2019, at 08:50 , Chevalier du Borg <virtual.borg at> wrote:



> I opposed this and any out of continent transfer policy at this time. I can revise my choice when ALL RIRs have finish their free pool. Otherwise, this policy can as well be call

ROFL… There’s only one that doesn’t match this, depending on how you define “free pool”.

> "The AfriNIC Broker Support Policy”

Why? Transfers can (and do) happen without brokers on a regular basis.

> Le mer. 6 nov. 2019 à 23:42, Owen DeLong <owen at <mailto:owen at>> a écrit :



>> On Nov 6, 2019, at 07:00 , Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at <mailto:fhfrediani at>> wrote:


>> This proposal states in that "the source entities are eligible to receive further IPv4 allocations or assigments from AFRINIC". What is the logic on that ?

>> If a organization is transferring its resources it means it doesn't need them anymore and therefore it doesn't make sense they can receive any further space from AFRINIC.


> Transferring out should not result in a permanent ban on acquiring more resources, but there should definitely be some hold-down time to prevent address cycling and speculation.



> Why not?

Because in the real world, business needs change over time. Addresses I didn’t need today and sold doesn’t guarantee I will never need more addresses in the future.

> Unless they can prove they retrieve the last block of address they 'transfer' (aka SELL), why should they get more from the community pool?

Nobody was proposing that they get more from the community pool. I proposed that they be allowed to purchase addresses on the open market after a hold-down time. Perhaps if you took the time to read what I actually wrote instead of summarily dismissing it based on your narrow view of what you think I want...

> And again. I oppose this "The AfriNIC Broker Support Policy”

Hmmm… Still trying to understand how this policy supports brokers and doesn’t simply facilitate transfers.

> Borg le Chevalier

> ___________________________________

> "Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"

My common sense tells me that anyone with decent common sense would have trouble believing anyone whose common sense tells them that the world is flat.


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