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[rpd] Proposal Update received: AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at
Wed Oct 23 15:39:27 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Le 22/10/2019 à 22:01, Fernando Frediani a écrit :


> The merged entity is free to use the resources if it's within the region.


Dear Fernando,

Thanks again.

...then that is my problem : you clearly said 'resources', but you
proposed to select

some of them to be transferable (Intra|Inter-RIR) ; so the others (ASN 4
bytes, IPv6)

will be not... This is how i understand both your point and the actual
CPM. :-/

> For M&A Inter-RIR happen much less often and is something that impacts

> only that entity. Why pass over that situation and costs to all others ?


Please can you elaborate, if any new argument, because i already have
kept in mind

your previous argument about the potential inducted cost in the RIR Ops.

> If someone is under a M&A scenario between regions renumbering is just

> part of this type of business and should be accounted as part of that

> business. Although it has some costs it is perfectly possible and

> doable with some planning. I have done plenty in different situations

> and I have survived. Nobody is stopping the entity to use the

> resources, as long they remain within the region.


...this is exactly why i want this draft policy proposal to add IPv6
resources :-)

Ok, let's build a simple scenario ; then let me know if you get my point
better after that,

please :


|• Let's say we have two Orgs (Org#1, Org#2) registered in the AFRINIC


|• Both Orgs are AFRINIC resource members.

|• Org#1 has all type of Internet resources.

|• Org#2 has only IPv4 and  bytes ASN as Internet resources.

|• They went throught an acquisition process where Org#2 becomes the new

legal owner

| of Org#1.

|• Legal consequence : All the assets of #Org#1 become those of Org#2.

|• Org#2 decides to continue to provide all services delivered by the

deceased Org#1 ;

Now Org#2 seeks your advices. What would be your main recommendation to
its Staff ?

...of course, Org#1 and Org#2 will also contact AFRINIC to request the
transfer of

all the Internet resources (IPv{4,6}, ASN_{2,4}_Bytes) from Org#1 to Org#2.

Then question : Which Internet Resources will be transferable according
to the actual CPM

and/or to the actual RSA ?

> I think allowing IPv6 transfers is less of the interest of the

> community and more of the interest of just a few and the implication

> is to pass over this costs to all.


> Furthermore I will quote some words said by another person in another

> discussion in another RIR which I fully agree: 


I understand this argument, Fernando, i'm also following these out of
region Policy discussions.

Please my focus point is specified above. I may be wrong, and i admit :
i don't know the

operational cost you mentioned twice. That is why i'm expecting at least
an answer from

the Staff.



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