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[rpd] Proposal Update received: AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Tue Oct 22 20:25:29 UTC 2019

{Cc: Ernest}

Hi all,

...please see below (inline).

Le lundi 21 octobre 2019, Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at> a écrit :

> Hello Sylvain.


> I consider that the main motivation to allow transfers for IPv4 is the

> scarcity. In normal


> conditions, including a M&A the company would have to receive resources in

> the new


> RIR and do renumbering.


Dear Fernando,
I understand your arguments, but we must not force an entity, resulting
from a Merger|Acquisition,
to act the way you described. It seems to me like going a bit out of the
scope of the PD-WG. The
Merger|Acquisition entity should be free to use at least the Internet
resources they have legally
inherited. Or am i missing something ?

...or it's not really the goal: treat the Merger|Acquisition case into this
single Draft Policy
Proposal (DPP) ?

Any author to clarify ? :-/

An other thing : after reading the Staff comment as IAr (Impact Analysis
report) for this DPP and
considering an explanation given by Ernest, i understand that there is
problem to solve within
the Merger|Acquisition particular case before considering them as potential
beneficiary of this

> Some people say that renumbering has costs, but that is part of the

> business and should


> be accounted as part of the whole transaction.


...IMHO, the Merger|Acquisition entity should be free to use your good
advice Fernando ;-)

> Allowing IPv6 transfers has the potential to mess up with the way it was

> distributed and is


> allocated among all RIRs


...including RIPE NCC, yes and in that particular RIR, IPv6 transfers are
allowed ; including for
Inter-RIR Transfers. And not only for the good of Merger|Acquisition
entities (In|Out of region).

> (remember there are no Legacy IPv6) and also would have costs


> for RIRs to adapt they systems in order to allow that, a cost that would

> be of all members


Thanks for this interesting information, hopefully we could have a new IAr
or a at least a Staff
response about this affirmation., Ernest, can you consider contacting RIPE NCC Staff to provide us
with a kick response ?
Thanks for your understanding.

> in order to accomplish the need of just a few.


Fernando, if we want a business stability into this region, preferably we
should understand
Merger|Acquisition advantages more than something which could only harm the
greatest part of
resource members of this RIR. To be clearer, i see Merger|Acquisition
scenarios inside AFRINIC
region. That is why, i'm insisting for the authors to include IPv6 in their
$resource pool|definition.

Also, the *few* you have mentioned below are not known right now :'-(
...then, any AFRINIC given resource member could become part of a
Merger|Acquisition scenario
at any time...

...let me go further, in my analysis i also see, in fact, a potential legal
risk in regard to the RSA
which seems to clearly grant Merger|Acquisitions entities with a kind of
*business continuity right*
or guarantee. If i have read it correctly, though :-/



> Regards

> Fernando

> On 21/10/2019 14:24, Sylvain Baya wrote:


> Hi all,


> Le lundi 21 octobre 2019, Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at> a

> écrit :


>> [...]





Best Regards !

Sylvain BAYA
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