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[rpd] RPD Digest, Vol 155, Issue 9

Amutuhaire Robert arobert49 at
Sat Aug 17 16:50:48 UTC 2019

Today's Topics:

1. Re: New Policy Proposal Received - "IPv4 Inter-RIR Legacy
Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)
AFPUB-2019-v4-002-DRAFT01" (Fernando Frediani)

Thank you, Mr. Fernando, for the great digest
I do agree with you. I also think allowing inter-RIR transfers really does
open wide a door to fraud and misuse and any other unexpected
circumstances. It's just so risky

Amutuhaire Robert

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> Today's Topics:


> 1. Re: New Policy Proposal Received - "IPv4 Inter-RIR Legacy

> Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)

> AFPUB-2019-v4-002-DRAFT01" (Fernando Frediani)



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> Message: 1

> Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 16:43:36 -0300

> From: Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at>

> To: rpd at

> Subject: Re: [rpd] New Policy Proposal Received - "IPv4 Inter-RIR

> Legacy Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)

> AFPUB-2019-v4-002-DRAFT01"

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> Hello


> I want to position myself against this proposal for the many reasons below.


> First I believe this does not bring any benefits to Africa region

> allowing IP space to go out of the region and the same way Africa is not

> in need yet to receive IP space from other regions as AfriNIC still has

> availability for assignment to its members.


> Allowing inter-RIR transfers opens a wide door for fraud by

> organizations from other continents establishing a "virtual" or "fake"

> offices in Africa, request some IP space and send them out of the region

> afterwards.

> As AfriNIC is the only RIR who still has IP space available for its

> members they should be protected and made sure they are assigned only

> for real usage in the continent.

> It is pretty reasonable to think that the major interest will be in

> companies outside Africa to come to the region, get IP space and send it

> out than the contrary as AfriNIC members can get IP space directly from

> the RIR. Why would members need it coming from other regions then ?

> Also the 12 months period to request receive more IP space from AfriNIC

> is quiet short in my view and make it worth in order to increase fraud

> for those who wish to send these addresses out of the region.


> Even if it's expected AfriNIC's IP space to run out anytime soon I still

> don't believe it is a reason to allow inter-RIR transfers. In LACNIC

> region for example it exhausted IPv4 space for existing members in 2017

> and only very recently after 2 years the inter-RIR transfer has reached

> consensus there, so I think this type of proposal should be re-evaluated

> later on in the future when the scenario changes and when there are real

> benefits for Africa region.


> The fact that transfers happen "under the table" I don't consider this

> as a strong argument in favor of this change. Transfers under the table

> are wrong and against the current policies therefore those who may be

> doing it are the wrong ones, not the RIR for not allowing such

> transfers. Any organization who received IP space from AfriNIC must bind

> to the current policies and that includes not to do transfers that are

> not allowed. If they insist on that, sanctions must be applied against

> them, therefore there are mechanisms to properly fix this issue, if it

> exists.


> The deployment of IPv6 is not impacted for AfricNIC members for the

> current scenario as IPv4 is still available to be requested by

> organizations for usage by transition mechanisms for example. Even when

> that is not possible anymore there are still alternatives as for

> example: 1) re-use of already hold IP space, 2) establishment of a

> dedicated pool for specific usage with IPv6 transition mechanisms or 3)

> prioritization of new entrants, the last two for example based on the

> /12 reserved for future use as stated by section of the

> AfriNIC's Exhaustion Policy


> I also second a comment made by another person in this discussion here:

> "Allowing Inter-RIR transfers open room for resources meant to be used

> in our region being traded fast due to economic reasons beyond the real

> purpose they were meant for which is to help build the African Internet".


> Therefore I don't think is good or necessary for Africa region to allow

> inter-RIR transfers and put the RIR under the risk of its address space

> to go out of the region unnecessarily and in an unneeded scenario.


> Best regards

> Fernando







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