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[rpd] Timeline and real value of our deadlines (was: End of Last Call for SL Update and IPv6 PI Clarification Policies)

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at
Thu Aug 8 09:32:58 UTC 2019

{/i have changed the subject to have a dedicated thread for the timeline

Hi all,

Please see below (inline)...

Le 8/8/2019 à 6:57 AM, Dewole Ajao a écrit :


> Your active contribution to the RPD is appreciated, Sylvain. While not

> holding brief for the current co-chairs && while agreeing that we

> could do better in terms of timely execution, I think that for any

> number of reasons, an earlier announced date could have been missed -

> especially if nobody made comments on the subject matter and/or we all

> forgot/neglected to check on the progress on the list.


Dear Dewole,  

Thanks for your comment. 
Discussing with those who have been active PDWG members for a long time
is always
instructive to me.

You got my point, for sure, and i understand yours.

...but permit me to clarify something in *mine*.
As you have said, it is possible that all of us forget a (/or some/)
given *deadline*.
It is even normal that some of us forget all the deadlines.
...but if all of us are forgetting all our deadlines, then there is a
*huge problem* ; and
we (/or someone/) should ring the bell earlier. Right ?
My *personal* conclusion :
+ We need a *timekeeper* {/Do we already have one ? two ?/}
+ Fortunately, we already have two *timekeepers*  
+ Our WG Chairs are our timekeepers, and yes we *should* help them to
act accordingly
+ Even if it could be difficult to understand that two timekeepers may
forget *all* the
deadlines... :-)
+ We can aggree when a deadline needs an extension. {/Varying the
Process is also possible/}
+ Flexibility of deadlines *should* be an exception.
+ etc.

> As to your concern about someone getting the opportunity to make a

> late comment because he forgot the deadline and the co-chairs did not

> close on the set date, I think you should look at it like this:

> If the late comment is reasonable (apart from its late timing) and

> helps us make better policy, this group and its chairs will have to

> take it into consideration regardless of the missed timelines. I

> believe consideration of reasonable inputs should supersede strict

> timelines.


Thank you for explaining this operational practice, i'll be glad to try
it intime ;-)
...though, i see it as an *exception*, by the way i recently chose to
not send comments
and questions because it was too close to the deadline.

Hopefully, we will always try to improve the PDP even if just operationally.

> Regards,


> Dewole.


> On 8/7/2019 8:07 PM, Sylvain BAYA wrote:


>> Hi all,


>> Thanks for your notification Abdulkarim.

>> Please other comments below (inline)...


>> Le 8/7/2019 à 10:20 AM, ABDULKARIM AYOPO OLOYEDE a écrit :

>>> Dear PDWG members,


>>> You would recall that on 18th  July 2019, we announced that last

>>> call for the following policy proposals would end on 25 July 2019.

>> [...]


Sylvain B.
Website : <>
Wiki : <>

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