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[rpd] Legacy holders?

Thu Jul 4 11:39:28 UTC 2019

Hi Noah,

Clarification from my perspective (not actually in Africa but in many other parts of the world, including Spain).

In many countries, as has been stated, there is no need (even more, no way) to obtain a license for creating an ISP (even from scratch). You create your company, register it with the bylaws and company objective, and get a tax payer number. Done!

Of course, you need to deploy your infrastructure and may be your own infrastructure (100%) or have other partners, but even if you are doing everytying on your own, there is no need to have any *partnership* as you seems to indicate below.

Or you may have a partnership with other ISPs that are *in the same situation* as you, no license at all.

That said, I’m sure that the staff is doing fine and they ask for the license in countries where it’s needed, or alternative justifications in other cases (deployment plans, tax payer ID, bylaws showing that one of your activities is Internet services, etc.).




El 4/7/19 13:29, "Noah" <noah at> escribió:

Hi Mike

On Thu, 4 Jul 2019, 13:44 Mike Silber, <silber.mike at> wrote:

Hi Noah

On 4 Jul 2019, at 12:29, Noah <noah at> wrote:

You are still confused because I know the history AS37100 the pan-Africa Internet network enabler very very well :-) and such find response inline.

Noted and thank you for the clarification

Very good.

Aaaah an ISP is involved in providing some form of communication by means of their own infrastructure or another infrastructure provider. I don't think most countries with regulatory authorities would allow an ISP to operate in the country without being regulated,

So this is were you are sadly mistaken.

Many countries allow ISPs to provider services without a licence.

Some of those countries must be lacking a proper administration and Nishal gave some examples on this thread earlier.

An ISP is a business and like most businesses some sort of licensing is required and things like TAX come into play.

The only way for an ISP to provide services without a license is through a partnership or business engagement with another business entity.

For instance I can form a virtual ISP that provides internet connectivity through a 3rd party infrastructure provider which has a license. One could also form an ISP to resale for another ISP without the reseller having a regulator license. Such cases are common indeed. How Afrinic members service navigate such cases, I dont know as my experience is with only ISP which had a license.

Hence the suggestion (by myself and others) that one size does not fit all and that AfriNIC is not a regulatory enforcement agency, nor a repository of regulatory expertise relating to every country in the service region.

I didn't say Afrinic was a regulatory enforcement agency. I was trying to point out my experience while going through the Afrinic numbers resources membership process and how the process required among other things a regulatory license as proof that the INR will be used for providing internet connectivity.


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