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[rpd] Legacy holders?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Mon Jul 1 21:20:30 UTC 2019

In message <CAEqgTWYs+9b2c4pP6cBAkQAOFXoi+rfOTqohzUz39LaQ13DZmg at>
Noah <noah at> wrote:

>LIR membership 101 requires that one has a business license and another
>license from a local communications regulatory authority of the country
>where they are requesting space from. Member services team from AfriNIC
>always require this before space is allocated/assigned to an entity.

That's really very interesting.  I didn't know any of this before now.
(I am learning more and more, every day, by paying attention to the postings
on this list!)

Based on what you just said, I took it upon myself to try to find the
web sites for the local communications regulatory authority of a couple
of the specific national jurisdictions that Afrinic serves, and that are
of special interest to me, i.e. Seychelles and Mauritius.

I think that I found both, but it appears that of the two, only the one
for Mauritius has an actual published online list of "License Holders":

I also took it upon myself to try to see to what degree the list of
"Mauritius" members of Afrinic corresponded with the list of Mauritius
communications authority license holders.

Of the thirty one (31) "Mauritius" members of Afrinic listed here:

Twelve (12) of them are listed as Mauritius communications authority
license holders.  The remaining ninteen (19) are not so listed.  These
are as follows:

	Leal Communication and informatics ltd
	Mauritius Computing Services Ltd
	Millenium Outsourcing Ltd
	MXIT Lifestyle International Ltd
	Mauritius Freeport Development Company Ltd
	Liquid Telecommunications Operations Limited
	SEACOM Limited
	West Indian Ocean Cable Company
	Pamoja Africa
	La Sentinelle Ltd
	Internet Direct Ltd
	Ireland Blyth Informatics LTD
	University of Mauritius
	Forcepoint Mauritius
	Mauritius Internet Exchange Point
	Woodynet Ltd
	African Network Operators' Group (AFNOG)
	African Network Information Center - ( AfriNIC Ltd. )

I would guess that it is quite entirely reasonable that those last two are
not registered at communications companies within Mauritius, because I
doubt that either one is actually providing commercial communications
services of any kind within Mauritius.  The rest I'm not so sure about.

At present, I know of no way in which any "outsider" could determine
which, if any, of the twenty four (24) "Seychelles" members of Afrinic
are or are not licensed communications providers within that country.

I'm not trying to make any particular point here.  I just wanted to share
this info with everyone, in case folks other than me might also find it


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