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[rpd] AFRINIC (Staff?) Active Support Onlist (was: impact analysis for policies)

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at
Wed Jun 26 14:50:42 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Le 6/26/2019 à 11:28 AM, Ernest Byaruhanga a écrit :
> Sylvain,
>> This message is a call for more active support from AFRINIC Staff, during the discussions on the RPD list ; in line with the       PDP (Policy Development Process) as provisioned by the CPM at section 3.4.0.
> It is not very clear from the thread what exact information you seek from staff.

Thanks for your response. 

It's not just about me (by the way, i admit that i'm still in my
instruction phase here and i shall have questions...) :-)

...i regularly see other participants asking, onlist, for some *needed*
information from the Staff, as allowed by the CPM section 3.4.0, but i
always see no response from the Staff. That is the reason of this thread.

...then i asked myself, what's happening out there ? Is the
communication broken between the Staff and the Community?

> Please clarify a little more and we shall be glad to provide it where appropriate.

Thanks because i'm seeing your responses to at least the mentioned
previous thread...and it is just what is expected ;-)

Please continue to *timely* support the PDWG (including onlist) more
than before ; because it is critical for a successfull PDP.

> On this issue:
>>>> Precisely, most of the newer versions, at least in the case of my proposals, where to address the points raised in the impact analysis
> Reactions to the assessment report can be discussed directly on the list. Authors may chose to respond to issues raised in our assessment (including community reactions on list) to update a proposal as necessary. If an author or anyone would like to engage staff directly on any issue in the assessment report, please mail pdwg at (co-chairs will also receive that mail).

...again, the CPM section 3.4.0 states that : «[...] AFRINIC shall also
provide relevant facts and statistics if requested during the discussion.»

I understand that the question/answer exercise (between the Staff and
the Community) shall occur *timely* during discussions (onlist|atPPM)...

...i admit that, to ease collaboration and to restore the almost broken
communication between the Staff and the community, we can copy carbon
(CC) the mentioned mail address <pdwg AT AFRINIC dot net> every time we
know that our mail contains a direct question to the Staff. 

But i prefer we leave this task up to the Chairs, because otherwise
(IMHO) we shall be forced to alter the PDP to be sure that nobody can
ignore it.
> Ernest.

Hope this clarifies the issue raised here.

Good & blessed day.

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