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[rpd] Proposal Update received: Internet Number Resources Review by AFRINIC

Tue Jun 25 12:30:55 UTC 2019



El 25/6/19 14:10, "Lee Howard" <lee.howard at> escribió:



On 6/25/19 6:41 AM, Sander Steffann wrote:
Hi Caleb,
So if I deduce your statement correctly, you are likely intimidating the entire community with the probability of litigation if the said INR review policy is passed and implemented by staff?
You might want to correct that wrong impression or feelings I might be having as a neutral community member?
Litigation is one possible outcome, and according to Andrew very likely. But it is only a part of the cost. Let's take a step back and make an estimate of the cost of recovering resources as a whole. That should include administrative cost, legal cost (which can include litigation if the member doesn't let go of the resources willingly) etc. I think having a view on "recovery cost" as a whole would be beneficial to this discussion.
"Litigation" sounds scary, but is no more than someone saying, "I disagree with you about what this contract says; let's go ask a judge." It can get expensive (lawyers have a very high opinion of themselves and how much they're worth), yes. For what it's worth, once the first case is decided, it probably gets cheaper because there's a precedent for future courts to follow. 

Have said that. . . if someone has addresses they're using inefficiently, wouldn't they be more likely to make more by selling to someone who will use them, rather than spend money trying to keep Afrinic from taking them back?

è    Which I feel brings back the discussion to: What do we prefer, those transfers happen under the table and not allowing the correct registration, or having them clearly visible for all in a way decided by the community?

è    A further comment I’ve, which I think wasn’t considered before. BoD has the right to NOT ratify a policy proposal if it poses a big danger for the organization and membership. I think it will be very bad for the PDP that we have this happening. Everyone should have that in mind.




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