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[rpd] IPV4 inter-RIR Legacy Resources Transfer.

Tue Jun 18 12:05:09 UTC 2019

Thanks Mark,


One more *very relevant* detail to add.


The *only* way to deploy IPv6 now is IPv6-only with IPv4-as-a-Service.


For that you need to have new pools of IPv4 addresses (the size of them depend on many factors, such as the design of your network, how big is it, etc.).


Also government and enterprise networks may need to have small IPv4 pools to be able to offer “IPv6-only”.


All this is not easy to explain in an email, but please, trust me. I’ve been working on that since 1999. I hope you valuate my experience.


If you don’t have those IPv4 pools, sufficient for every actual ISP, new ISP, actual company, new company, you will *not* be able to:
Connect correctly to a global Internet
Be able to deploy IPv6

Furthermore, you will be forced to invest in Carrier Grade NAT boxes (CGN), in a scale that nobody did until now in the rest of the world, in a scale that breaks everthing.


Also, if you care, your customers that uses certain aplication such as on-line games will hate the AFRICAN ISPs, because gammers don’t work behind CGN.


You know that using CGN you will need to change the laws of every country, to mandate the support of new ways of logging, which will become more expensive than the CGNs itself? And if you don’t do that, you know that sharing the IP addressesn in CGN means that criminals can take advantage of that to hide themselves or even create false acussations to innocent people?


Do you expect goverments stay quiet and not react on that situation, because you don’t support the right policies required for the region?









El 18/6/19 10:30, "Mark Elkins" <mje at> escribió:


IPv4 resources were never enough for the world (Four-ish billion IP addresses). That's why IPv6 was created. The other four RIR's have basically run out of IPv4 - which to an extent has forced them to adopt IPv6. In a perverse way - its actually bad for Africa to NOT have run out as we lazily continue to deploy IPv4 - last years technology as such.. Better to move straight to IPv6 before we are too weighed down by the legacy restrictiveness of IPv4 addresses.

Also - the Transfer Policy would generally need to be bidirectional so that other RIR regions will allow the transfer of IPv4 resources into Africa - that is, play on an equal footing - if indeed some of the larger African ISP's need to acquire more IPv4 addresses.

If an African LIR/ISP does sell IPv4 resources to another region then the capitol will probably be used to expand that LIR's business - presumably in an IPv6 direction - which would be beneficial to that LIR's customers and to an extent, the rest of our community.

Just think, for the first time ever, we get to dump old technology onto "developed" countries rather than the other way around.

On 2019/06/18 08:05, Pascal ANDRIANISA wrote:

Dear Ishola Kabir,
I think the transfer of inter-RIR does not benefit AFRINIC for the simple reason that AFRINIC's resources are not enough for its region.
Pascal Heriliva ANDRIANISA
Webmaster i RENALA
Research and Education Network for Academic and Learning Activities -
Porte 201 - Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique - Fiadanana
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De: "ishola kabir" <isholakabir at>
À: rpd at
Envoyé: Lundi 17 Juin 2019 17:17:58
Objet: Re: [rpd] IPV4 inter-RIR Legacy Resources Transfer.


I stand to support the policy on proposal of IPV4 inter-RIR legacy resources transfer.

We're running out of IPV4 resources and the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) have started to run out of of IPV4 resources as well. IPv4 inter-RIR legacy resources from and to other regions will offer a realistic solution to the problem of reclaiming the significant amount of unused IPV4 resources and allocating them to their most efficient users. The transfer will be subject to the need to main route aggregation and allow resources not in used in one region to be transferred to a region where it is needed.

Preventing IPv4 Inter-RIR Legacy Resource Transfers would only push the demand  and supply pressures surrounding the scarcity of resources into different channel such as the holder of this unused resources will do everything within their power for continued possession of this resources for purpose of black market, increase their value in an acquisition.

Inter-RIR Legacy would definitely allows organization willing to release address resources to benefit monetarily by selling them to another region who wants them subject to the record keeping requirements and regulation of inter regional legacy instead of being hijacked or use without authorization. 

It is very obvious that the risk associated with this will be very small when compare to the potential benefit and this will also reinforce effectiveness of the inter Regional Internet Address Registries in global internet governance.

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