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[rpd] Legacy addresses in Afrinic region

Lee Howard lee.howard at
Fri Feb 15 15:09:02 UTC 2019

Thanks Andrew, and Mark Elkins who also told me I was missing 
significant data.

I'm doing further research to see if I can provide a more complete data 
set to the community, and I both ask forgiveness for sending incomplete 
data and thank those who are helping me improve the data set.


On 2/15/19 1:45 AM, Andrew Alston wrote:
> Lee,
> There is **WAY** more than that.
> You have a significant amount of space sitting in academia that came 
> from ARIN and even pre-arin days.
> I am going to decline to comment on the exact ranges and asn’s since I 
> believe it would not be polite to do so and will let the space owners 
> speak for themselves – but I will say that in a previous job I was 
> controlling the announcements for very close to a /12 worth of legacy 
> space distributed amongst multiple blocks – and that wasn’t anywhere 
> near all of it on the continent.
> A lot of this space came either from ARIN (or quite probably pre-dates 
> even ARIN)
> Andrew
> *From:*Lee Howard <lee.howard at>
> *Sent:* 14 February 2019 21:50
> *To:* AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion List <rpd at>
> *Subject:* [rpd] Legacy addresses in Afrinic region
> Colleagues,
> It has seemed to me that there has been a lack of information in some 
> of the policy debates. I finally got around to looking up how much 
> legacy address space is in the Afrinic region.
> When Afrinic was founded, legacy address space was transferred to it 
> from RIPE-NCC. I think address space from ARIN had already been 
> transferred to RIPE-NCC before that, so the RIPE-Afrinic transfer was 
> all of it, but I'm not completely certain, and if anyone else 
> remembers better, please correct me.
> The list of legacy IPv4 addresses transferred is at 
> <> and also 
> A total of 271,604 legacy IPv4 addresses was transferred.
> Within this series were three Class B blocks (/16s) currently 
> registered to the European Space Agency, Sweden, and IDSC in Egypt. 
> There was also one /17 currently registered to TE Data in Egypt.
> Distribution of the blocks:
>   * Three Class Bs (/16s)
>   * One /17
>   * One /19
>   * One /21
>   * One block of six /24s
>   * Seven blocks of five /24s
>   * Four /22s
>   * Eleven /23s
>   * Forty-six /24s
>   * One /26 (!?)
> Unless there were separate legacy block transfers from ARIN or APNIC, 
> or other addresses have been re-registered into Afrinic since its 
> founding, this is the total of legacy address space in the region.
> I hope this is useful information to the community.
> Regards,
> Lee
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