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[rpd] Legacy addresses in Afrinic region

Lee Howard lee.howard at
Thu Feb 14 18:50:05 UTC 2019


It has seemed to me that there has been a lack of information in some of 
the policy debates. I finally got around to looking up how much legacy 
address space is in the Afrinic region.

When Afrinic was founded, legacy address space was transferred to it 
from RIPE-NCC. I think address space from ARIN had already been 
transferred to RIPE-NCC before that, so the RIPE-Afrinic transfer was 
all of it, but I'm not completely certain, and if anyone else remembers 
better, please correct me.

The list of legacy IPv4 addresses transferred is at and also

A total of 271,604 legacy IPv4 addresses was transferred.

Within this series were three Class B blocks (/16s) currently registered 
to the European Space Agency, Sweden, and IDSC in Egypt. There was also 
one /17 currently registered to TE Data in Egypt.

Distribution of the blocks:

  * Three Class Bs (/16s)
  * One /17
  * One /19
  * One /21
  * One block of six /24s
  * Seven blocks of five /24s
  * Four /22s
  * Eleven /23s
  * Forty-six /24s
  * One /26 (!?)

Unless there were separate legacy block transfers from ARIN or APNIC, or 
other addresses have been re-registered into Afrinic since its founding, 
this is the total of legacy address space in the region.

I hope this is useful information to the community.



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