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[rpd] Benjiro

Noah noah at
Mon Dec 10 09:35:01 UTC 2018

Andrew, et'al

I have quitely followed the back and forth exchanges between various folk
in this community and I would like to remind us that history can't be

I have vivid memory about this community's struggle to get all the various
support required to established  an RIR that we call AfriNIC today infact
with some folks seriously sacrifising much of their time by contributing a
great deal during the initial years.

Among the original groups were a number of African governments that is
(Egypt, Mauritius, Ghana and South Africa)  and organisations like the OIF
and a group of individuals who at the time were among the first believers
in AfriNIC and they contributed to make AfriNIC become a reality and evolve
to the point where folks like yourself become party and had the privilege
to go on and serve as a board member while some of us are currently surving
the AfriNIC numbers community at the ICANN ASO Address Council.

So the tireless and often unsuccessful attempts to write off AfriNIC seem
to make some folks ignore or try to forcefully rewrite history. We have
become so bitter and personal to the point that it seems like some folks
enjoy this state of affairs as though it was some sort of game so to speak.

Let us all remember that diversity is what makes this community successful
and it keeps growing and until recently Arabic language has been added as a
3rd means of communication in addition to English and French by AfriNIC
something worthy a celebration.

I am a great friend of most of the french speaking participants (sponsored
or not by the OIF ) with some of whom struggling to speak english just so
they can share their opinions. I would encourage most of us english
speakers to stand at the mic and try and argue in french. We would have to
imagine the pain of those who keep struggling to speak in english with
native english speakers.

I have repeated read you claim that folks are given scripts to read from
while presenting opinions on the mic and you have ridiculed some of them
not knowing that the real fact is that some of them reach out to english
speakers on the floor to help them translate what was a french point of
view into an english version.

We would have better appreciated the importance of language diversity and
the historic importance of institution like the OIF and no one has ever
been forced to respect anyone or any organisation.

As for the Larus Foundation and its sponsorship mandate, I can only remind
myself of the book by Zambian Economist, Professor Dambisa Moyo called DEAD
AID where she extensively argued in most part that the problems of Africa
as a continent shall never be solved as long us Africa and her people
continue to depend on Foreign AID which in most cases has strings attached
to it.

In any case, we are victims of economics and its our poverty that will
continue to succum all of us to the hands of those who seek to abuse us for
their own selfish ambitions as it has been.

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