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[rpd] Query on appeal

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Sat Dec 8 10:26:41 UTC 2018


You know – I’m actually go with the co-chairs not doing anything here – or the board – or anyone else – because every time you post a message like this – it stands as an advert to the positions I have taken for so long about the divides that exist in this community and the lack of willingness to deal with the issues, but rather attack the individual, the company, the race, the language – rather than the substance.

See, I grew up in South Africa, and I saw the tail end of apartheid – and the one thing that I learnt about that system, a system that was despicable and horrific was this.  When all logic fails, when all reason has gone out of the window, when there is nothing left – there was always the race card to fall back on.  There was always the need to suppress opinion that didn’t match our own – rather than reason against it.   There was rhetoric, that ranged from attacks on intelligence to attacks on skin color to attacks on belief systems.  The exact things I see in your email below.

The thing is – all of those attacks – were carried out by men who were not secure enough in their own intelligence, their own minds, their own beliefs, to be willing to accept that people may put across counter points.  That is what racism is – insecurity, fear and cowardice – and it is so well seen in the words you type below, and so many of the attacks I see on this list.

But the other thing is – when I am on the receiving end of such, I view it as a compliment.  The fact that you feel the need to degenerate to such levels, shows that you have no competent rebuttal to intellectual argument, that the positions I have taken have confounded you to a level that you need to fall back to the your final card – and as a result – you show your hand.  I have come to realise – that playing such a card – is the clearest admission of defeat that anyone can ever echo.  I thank you for the compliment paid to me in the acknowledgement that you cannot rebut with real substance – I thank you for the compliment that my arguments are well placed enough and on point enough to make you feel this insecure.  I thank you for placing an advert for everything I have said is so wrong for so long.

Thank you – and my compliments to you,


>> Andrew,
>> I share your opinion that there may be a problem in the community that
>> I could be represented by a big fire. But every time I read your
>> messages of incessant and malicious criticism, your accusations
>> subjective and unfounded, I understand that in this problem you
>> represent either the essence that maintains this fire, or a blowtorch
>> that amplifies it. In none of your interventions will we find the
>> shade of positive, encouraging, and respectful words. You have to stop
>> your APARTEID rhetoric. By keeping quiet, you will offer the community
>> of real African surfers even more oxygen to move forward.
>> All your attempts at destabilization will only result in failures.
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