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[rpd] Can the Board and the CEO please get in sync?

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Dec 5 23:37:36 UTC 2018

I’ve quoted two messages below which appear to contradict each other. One from SM (Board Member) stating that there is not yet a last call on the proposal in question. The other from the CEO stating that the last call decision was made public at the meeting and the 2 week clock for appeal started at that point.

I’m not looking to lynch anyone or complaining. I understand how these kinds of things happen even under the best of circumstances and with the best of intentions (which I have no reason to believe is not the case with either party involved here). Nonetheless, I believe that clarity is needed in order for the community t move forward.

These two positions appear to contradict each other, is I ask that the CEO and the board confer and that the board respond with a single clear statement as to the situation. Such statement should include:

	1.	Is there a last call now active on this proposal or not?
	2.	When did the 2 week clock on the ability to appeal start ticking?
	3.	In light of the amount of confusion around this issue and the delays in getting clarification, could we
		please reset the 2 week clock to start no sooner than the day that this clarification is provided to
		the community?

Further, since the two quotations come from two different lists, I request that the clarification be sent to both lists.

Thanks for your attention to this matter,


We have this quote on the members list from a board member:

> From: S Moonesamy <sm+afrinic at <mailto:sm+afrinic at>>
> Date: Wednesday, 5 December 2018 at 22:02
> To: Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at <mailto:Andrew.Alston at>>, "members-discuss at <mailto:members-discuss at>" <members-discuss at <mailto:members-discuss at>>
> Subject: Re: [members-discuss] PDP Co-Chair Elections
> Dear Andrew,
> My response to your question is that there was an election for the 
> position of PDP Chair in Dakar. I read the messages on the relevant 
> mailing list sent over the last week. There are messages about 
> "opposing the last call" [1] on one of the proposals under 
> discussion; there isn't any Last Call at the moment.
> If a Resource Member has a concern about a proposal, the Resource 
> Member can raise it through its representative during a Last 
> Call. There is also an appeal process for disagreements about 
> actions taken by the Chair(s). From what I understand, a concern 
> might be about what is written in a proposal instead of the person(s) 
> taking the decision.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
> 1. <>
We have this quote from the RPD list from the CEO:

> From: Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at>
> Subject: Re: [rpd] Query on appeal
> Date: December 5, 2018 at 05:21:06  PST
> To: rpd List <rpd at>
> Cc: "pdwg-appeal at" <pdwg-appeal at>
> On 1 Dec 2018, at 14:04, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at> wrote:
> Hi PDWG Appeal Committee.
> I am replying because I think that the Appeal Committee may consider the questions out of scope for them.
> The policy actually says – within 2 weeks from public knowledge of the decision – does a pronouncement on the floor constitute public knowledge in a streamed meeting?
> Yes, the announcement on the floor of the public meeting was the instant that the decision became public knowledge.
> Secondly – I wish the PDWG Appeal committee to comment on what happens to a last call process if the decision to last call is under appeal pending adjudication.  I would assume that the last call process would be suspended and cannot proceed until the adjudication of the appeal has been completed, but I wish to have a formal clarification on this.
> According to AFRINIC’s legal advisor, an appeal would have the effect of suspending the last call process whilst awaiting the decision of the appeal committee on the issue of whether the Co-chairs were right or wrong.
> Alan Barrett
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