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[rpd] Serving the Community is not a choice when they call

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Wed Dec 5 13:30:22 UTC 2018


Ignoring the rhetoric in your mail - you have missed the point.

There is a process - and there was a mandate granted by the community for a limited time frame - that mandate - has an expiry date on it.  The process must be followed - and we cannot simply choose to IGNORE the process at will, because ignoring the process once, leads to ignoring it again and again and again.

In the very same people - while you criticise what I say about this organisation - you turn a blind eye when someone stands at the microphone and openly advocates for ignoring sections of the bylaws.

For me - the bylaws - and the process - are sacrosanct - and I believe this process has been violated - I believe the objectives as defined in the bylaws are not followed - I believe the founding principles of AFRINIC have been eroded - and I also believe that you cannot fix such things by hiding your head in the sand.  You cannot fix things by ignoring the process - ignoring the bylaws - ignoring the bottom up approach - and saying "because it may offend someone, I will stand by and turn close my eyes"

I draw your attention to two quotes - one attributed to John Stuart Mill in 1867, when he said "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing"

I also draw your attention to a quote often misattributed to Albert Einstein (actually first used in a Narcotics Anonymous pamphlet in 1981) - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.



From: Sami Salih <sami.salih at>
Sent: 05 December 2018 15:50
To: rpd at
Subject: [rpd] Serving the Community is not a choice when they call

Hi community,

If you may recall, before Dakar meeting I decided to not continue as co-chair as my term comes to end on Dakar.

I sent an email to this list early before the nominations started to encourage people to stand for this position, however the candidate list was too short. And you all followed what happened in Dakar during the election of the PDWG Co-chair, and because I know very will it's a tough task to be managed by a single chair I offered to continue either for 6 months or for full term.

It's really very sad that some people declared that "they choose to not participate" to serve the community, please refer to this link (<>) @ [10:27:11] , but the worst thing is those people are trying very hard to negatively affect our organization. But I will remind them that the power of the community will never tolerate any attempt to sabotage the unity of the continent.

For me it's much better to serve the community as a community member given any volunteer position may restrict my replies.

On another note, I can't understand how people that failed to hold similar voluntary positions will use such huge effort to destroy the same organization they served before.

I remain at the service of the community on any place they feel I can positively contribute to the best of the community.

Best Regards,

Dr. Sami H.O. Salih
Assistant Prof, School of Electronics Engineering, SUST
Head of R&D, NTC, SUDAN
President of SDv6TF
T/F: (249)122045707/187171355

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