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[rpd] Inter-RIR Resource

Tue Nov 27 17:18:13 UTC 2018

Hi Omo,


You’re assuming that somebody is willing to sell addresses within the region. But what happens when everybody needs those addresses and can’t get more in the region? They will buy them, pay much more, and do under the table.


Look for my presentation on Thursday, I’m still working on that, and will demonstrate that your perception is most probably wrong. It is more possible that addresses come from “outside” to AfriNIC than in the other way around.


Not sure if you’re onsite, if so, please feel free to approach me for clarifications and openly discussing this.


Same for everybody here, please, feel free to ask me about any of the policy proposals. I’m open to heard all the inputs and consider anything that I may be wrong.






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On 27 Nov 2018, at 10:51, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <jordi.palet at> wrote:


Sometimes, for deploying IPv6, you may need small pools of IPv4. For example, for a NAT64 if you go to 464XLAT, which is what all the rest of the world is doing. If there are no more IPv4 addresses in the region, the few left addresses will go more and more and more expensive.


So even deploying IPv6 may require some more addresses. If we don’t have a policy like this, how AfriNIC ISPs are going to do it? They could just reuse existing addresses and several levels of NAT: More expensive, worst for the users, worst for the ISP (increased logging cost), works for fighting against cybercrim


The likelihood of inbound transfers happening is low and these cover the eventuality you describe above.   Better that legacy addresses are transferred within the AFRINIC region than outbound.



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