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[rpd] [members-discuss] RIPE proposed changes to the routing registry

Mohamed Ben Yahia Mohamed.BenYahia at
Wed May 16 14:57:04 UTC 2018

Dear All


I tried to search for objects from the Afrinic  web site “Existing objects
in APNIC, RADB, RIPE IRR” @ this address

It is written : You can click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side
below to do a search by ORG-HDL

I did not retrieve anything for IRR related with Ripe from our RIR site.
Will you tell me where can I find those objects ?


Best regards








De : Andrew Alston [mailto:Andrew.Alston at] 
Envoyé : Wednesday, May 16, 2018 12:07 PM
À : AFRINIC Board of Directors' List; members-discuss at; AfriNIC
Resource Policy
Objet : [members-discuss] RIPE proposed changes to the routing registry




I’ve cross posted this to both the policy list and the members list because
I think it’s critical that both are involved here, and it relates to all of
the above.


RIPE is currently working on a possible change to the routing registry
database they run – which will mark route objects associated with AFRINIC
issued IP space as non-authoritative.  Now, this could have some pretty
major impact potentially – especially since, last time I tested – it was
impossible to register a route object in the AFRINIC database if the ASN
being used is not an AFRINIC ASN – because AFRINIC is not authoritative for
the aut-num object.


What this means is – there are MANY AFRINIC members who have AFRINIC space,
and are paying AFRINIC – who cannot use the AFRINIC routing registry – and
are now going to have their objects potentially marked as non-authoritative
in the RIPE database – which dependent on filtering could have rather
drastic and damaging effects on global reachability.


This raises several very big questions in my mind


a.	What is AFRINIC doing to rectify this in their own database so that
their members can correctly use it with the space that is issued by AFRINIC
to them and paid for.
b.	Considering that AFRINIC has sent multiple board members and staff
to RIPE meetings since this has been under discussion – can AFRINIC please
explain to me how – on an issue as critical as this – there has been NO
communication with the members who are affected by this.  Effectively – why
are our member fees being used to send staff and board to meetings when the
information that may be showing up at those meetings which is critical to
the functioning of African operations is never being communicated back to
the AFRINIC members
c.	For those AFRINIC members who have objects in the RIPE database but
*CAN* move to the AFRINIC database – yes – AFRINIC has made appeals to
create the route objects in the AFRINIC database – but it might have been
good to tell the members that not doing so could potentially have impact as
this change in RIPE was progressing.


Bottom line – yes – it’s a change in RIPE – but it is AFRINIC’s
responsibility to communicate to members on issues that can have material
impact on them as regards the usage of AFRINIC resources – and that
responsibility has not been met in this case – and I am sure I am not alone
in wondering why not.




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