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[rpd] [arin-ppml] LACNIC proposal to create a global internetregistry

Kris Seeburn seeburn.k at
Sun Apr 1 17:28:02 UTC 2018


I have had long thought on this. Let’s look at it this way;

First, IANA /PTI is the authority controlling the resources and split to the 5 RIRs. That is fine up till here.
Second, with a growing financial situation for ICANN will also automatically influence PTI since the RIRs still contribute to its running plus ICANN financial support
Third, Perhaps most important is that we know it cannot be moved from the USA territory and in case of a financial meltdown it may affect us again, perhaps we may have to see ICANN / IANA going back to the US authorities !!!! It is a risk
If all five RIRs can to see an agreement since it is a global policy being proposed. I am not sure whether the ICANN board which is lobbied greatly may accept such a position but, if we do not try it may never happen. I believe in ideas that makes the system move. We are not ten years back or the year before. 
Such a proposal can eventually meet ICP2 if worked out in consensus. It will not be a full alignment but worth a shot. Numbers and names work together as much as they are also split. 
On another aspect the importance of legacy space advertising is also important to know and see what is doable or not. We know there is quite a lot of space as well in the legacy space and many are still pitching for them.. If we are able to reconcile all the resources as it stands today. We may have a real visibility of resources as well as the underlying dark web as well. With a little bit of focused research.
My personal view is that it is worth a thought and perhaps can be improved since it serves both v4 and v6. It might if we all focus and design the system to sustain the communities in all RIRs may see some relief perhaps. 

I am just saying this as a food for thought factoring. Am sure there is more to what it seems but it does give us a different outlook as to how we run things. We need to move on the old ways worked and today the need to move further and change is as much important as well.

My two cents. I did support the idea in the beginning and i still support it but we need to think it in a way to we compose things in a way that we are able to rip at least the RIRs and the community to benefit properly. Since it is a proposed global policy means all five need to think clearly. But let us see how it moves forward.

> On Mar 23, 2018, at 07:03, Jason Schiller <jschiller at> wrote:
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> Bill,
> In your opinion, does the virtual RIR as described in the proposal meet the criteria for RIR establishment in ICP-2?
> If no, do you see a way the policy could easily be modified to have a greater likelihood of being able to 
> meet the criteria for RIR establishment in ICP-2?
> ___Jason
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 4:01 AM Bill Woodcock <woody at <mailto:woody at>> wrote:
> >> The LACNIC community is discussing a global policy proposal to create a Global Internet Registry (GIR).
> >>;jsessionid=419E05AAC9F2F52E5D27DDCCF4D6B727?language=en <;jsessionid=419E05AAC9F2F52E5D27DDCCF4D6B727?language=en>
> I very much support it.
> The mess that inter-regional transfers and RIRs “competing” for customers in a race-to-the-bottom have created is something of an own-goal.  This is a good first step toward correcting it.
> A separate, “frozen” registry for legacy resources would be another good step.
> Neither of these are new ideas, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first time either has made it as far as an actual policy proposal that can be considered and approved.
> I’m all for it.
>                                 -Bill
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