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[rpd] Timeline for handling AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT07 policy appeal

Saul Stein saul at
Thu Jan 25 12:24:24 UTC 2018


No-one is saying that the committee mustn’t get on with their work, the 
comments are based on the reference:


>1. Appeal Committee 1st Meeting – 19/01/2018 – week 1

>c. List and request documents from AFRINIC that the Committee deems needed 
>for the Appeal including i. RPD discussion summary on the policy

The points that have been made are that since this is an appeal, the appeal 
committee should be drawing their own conclusions from the source documents, 
not other subjective reports and summaries.

We’d hate for the appeal committee to base their responses on summaries as 
that could lead to a rejection as vital pertinent information might be 
omitted in the summary. That would open a serious can of worms!

That is the way I see this, if I am incorrect, please correct me (and 
please, only corrections from the appeal committee members, otherwise its 
hearsay and not fact.)

My 2c


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Members Members

We are all acting like the end of the world is nigh !!!

We have a committee that we have entrusted as the final Arbitrator.

Lets await the outcome and also be ready to accept the outcome and move on 
with AfriNIC work.


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On 25 Jan 2018 11:49 a.m., "Kris Seeburn" <seeburn.k at 
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I am not going going in circles i have faith that the independent appeals 
committee is gona do the job. But i’d prefer they do in in their own mind 
not to involve others such as staff to come to conclusion. But i’m saying i 
support them without them being influenced that’s my only issue. The people 
in the committee are laudable and respected by the community. I dont doubt 
that at all. But not to be influenced by emails, staff, or board. Thats what 
everyone wants.


And am waiting to see something right.

You are doubting still.

Anyways, what is that something right?

Which would raise afrinic’s place in the RIR space.

Was AFRINIC place is the RIR space low which needs raising? [1]


[1]IMHO, AFRINIC has done a great job since its inception unless if you 
think otherwise. We should all be proud.

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