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[rpd] Appeal against softlanding-bis declaration of consensus

Owen DeLong owen at
Thu Jan 11 18:10:22 UTC 2018

> On Jan 11, 2018, at 01:28 , Kangamutima zabika Christophe <funga.roho at> wrote:
> Ce n'est pas vos arguments qui comptent mais le but poursuivi par toute cette campagne de dénigrement de cette proposition. Jamais vous et tous les contestataires avoueront les intérêts réels pour lesquels vous avez entamez toutes ces actions.

Since I don’t speak French, I’m having to attempt this via automated translation:

These are not the arguments which count but the objectives by all this denigration campaign of this proposal. Never you and all the protestors will acknowledge the real interests for which you have start all.

Attempting to make sense of your statement, I think this means:

Your arguments don’t count. The objectives of the campaign to denigrate this proposal are what count. You and all of the protesters never acknowledge the real interests for which you speak.

If this is not a correct understanding of your words, then please disregard what I write below and provide a better translation.

If this is a valid understanding of your words, then I will respond:

First, I have no agenda other than what I have stated. My honest and good faith belief of what is in the best
interests of the African community. While I understand that we may disagree as to what that is, I do not think
it is fair or appropriate for you to accuse me of malfeasance or malice without any valid evidence of same. I
think my track record of working honestly and in good faith for the benefit of the internet globally and in my
prior participation in AfriNIC speaks for itself and demonstrates such a good pattern.

I disagree with this proposal on its merits. You disagree with me (and the others that oppose this proposal) on a
personal basis and continue to engage in ad hominem attacks against us without addressing the substance of our
arguments. You continue to claim that you can simply dismiss our arguments because you don’t believe we are acting
in good faith, yet you provide no evidence to back up such a claim.

In short, it is your ad hominem attacks and your unjustified accusations which should carry no weight here.

I am offended by your attacks and your statements about my intent and motivation.

While it is not rare for me to encounter those that disagree with me in equally good faith, it is very rare that I
encounter someone who will accuse me of acting in bad faith merely because I don’t agree with their position.

Please note well that while I continue to disagree with you, never have I accused you of acting in bad faith, nor
have I treated you at any time with such blatant disrespect.


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