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[rpd] Competitions Tribunal Petition

Noah noah at
Tue Jan 2 11:27:50 UTC 2018

On 31 Dec 2017 7:38 a.m., "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at>

What I find even more bizarre is that one of the most vocal proponents of
this policy

Lol, "bizarre huh", its really a pity in all honesty.  Would you rather
that vocal proponent flocked with you. I thought each individual subscribed
to the PDP working group has a right to their own opinions and its very
healthy and natural for people to not agree which is why we have pro SL-BIS
and anti SL-BIS proponents. Unless ofcourse if you believe whatever opinion
Andrew Alston throws around or believes in, is supreme and as such all
members of the working group should just blindly concur.

works for an organization that holds a /12 (again out of Mauritius) but at
the time of receiving that space had no enterprise business - it was a
wholesale operation providing transit to those who had ASNs and space -

You dont have the audacity to attack other organisation with baseless
insinuations and lack of facts. Do you even take time to research or you
just write for the sake of replying.

Do you even have the slightest idea, the amount of investments in terms of
Network Infrustructure (submarine, IP etc), the said organisation has in
Africa or for your its easier to seat  around your laptop and type baseless

Do you even have the slighest idea how much in terms of human capital the
said organisation has invested with hundreds of employed stuff across
different sub-sahara African countries.

Do you even have the slightest idea how much in terms customer base both
service provider and enterpise the so called organisation serves and to
what extend the said organisation has contribited towards the development
of Africa's digital economy since her inception in 2009 post the satelite

Do you even know how many countries besides Mauritius the so called
organisation operates in and the millions of dollars in investment on the

how did they get that space? It is a mystery to me.

I really dont know what was the intension of your email and attack but...
I will hold my cool less the code of conduct is invoked on me. But this is
total nonsense and we cant continue down the path where folk like you
spread lies as Bibilical truth.

Andrew you know what, go figure,.... AFRINIC has never closed its doors.
Its a shame that as a former board member of AFRINIC, you are able to point
fingers at AFRINIC as if folks there dont know what they are doing.

VIVA the organisation some of us proudly work for and we shall defend it
for we know how much economic value and impact the African continent is
benefiting from the digital services we offer as we continue to BUILD THE
AFRICAN INTERNET in Africa with 95% of Infrastructure in Africa.

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