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[rpd] [Board-Discuss] UPDATE PRIVATE: Re: Draft Procedure for Removal of an NRO NC/ASO AC Member

Jean-Baptiste MILLOGO jbmillogo at
Sun Dec 17 10:29:19 UTC 2017

Hello Sunday,

Thank you for sharing  board thoughts on  the implementation of the 9.2
(a). However  the proposed text  does not mention the emergency mode and
how it could be triggered.
BTW, could you please elaborate on  what can constitute an emergency  as to
the removal of a NRO NC member?

Best regards,

Le 12 déc. 2017 8:05 PM, "Sunday Folayan" <sfolayan at> a écrit :

Hello Marcus, Kangamutima and the Community,
Let me make a clarification.

The thinking and intention of the Board is that:

1. Provision 9.2a can be triggered by 9.4 or by the Board when the need
arises, without waiting six months for a community meeting.

2. Such an action is indeed an emergency action. Such an action requires  a
super majority of the board as noted in 9.2a and 1 above.

3. The Board is happy to make it 3/4 i.e. 7 members, instead of the current
super-majority of 2/3 i.e. 6 members, if there is no objection or other
view on the required majority from the community.

There is nothing inappropriate about such a provision. Indeed, the Board
(elected by the same community, acting on behalf of the community) approves
policies made by the Community, on behalf of the community.

Kind Regards ...

Sunday Folayan.
Chair, AFRINIC Board.

On 12/12/2017 11:34, Marcus K. G. Adomey wrote:

Hi Community,

In deed, I cannot also grasp the common sense behind the board revoking
community elected representative at the NRO NC/ASO AC. In fact, it does not
make sense for the board to do so but rather it is the community which can
revoke board members. I therefore don’t support this provision.



*From:* Jean-Baptiste MILLOGO <jbmillogo at> <jbmillogo at>
*Sent:* Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:40 PM
*To:* AFRINIC Communications; rpd at
*Subject:* Re: [rpd] Draft Procedure for Removal of an NRO NC/ASO AC Member

Dear Alan,

Thanks for this.

There is a problem with 9.2a (and 9.4 by implication). It is groundless for
the board to remove a member that was appointed by the community.

Officers should be removed by the mechanism by which they were appointed.
 All the other proposed clauses follow this principle of like for like.

There is also lack of a procedure to recall members of the board of
directors.  This is a good time to also deal with the recall of officers in

Best regards,

2017-11-22 11:57 GMT+00:00 AFRINIC Communications <
comms-announce at>:

Dear AFRINIC Community,

The Board has noted that there is no procedure for the removal of an NRO
NC/ASO AC member.  The Board has drafted a procedure to be considered for
addition to the election guidelines at <

The Board calls for comments for a 30 day period (ending on 22 December
2017).  Please comment in the community-discuss mailing list.

The draft procedure appears below.

Alan Barrett


The Board proposes the following procedure, to be considered for addition
to the election guidelines at:

9. Removal

9.1 An NRO NC member appointed by the AFRINIC Board may be removed from
office at any time by a resolution of the Board.

9.2 An NRO NC member elected by the AFRINIC community may be removed from
office through any of the following methods:

(a) A supermajority vote (two-thirds) of the AFRINIC Board, meeting in
person or via teleconference, at a meeting where the agenda circulated in
advance includes the possible removal of an NRO NC representative.
(b) A majority vote held by the community present at an AFRINIC Public
Policy Meeting.

9.3 An individual whose removal is contemplated in terms of 9.2 is entitled
to at least 10 calendar days’ notice of the meeting, and may appear before
and be heard at such a meeting. Removal may proceed with or without such
individual’s presence at the meeting.

9.4 Any ten (10) bona fide members of the AFRINIC community may petition
the Board to initiate a removal in terms of 9.2(b), giving at least 40
days’ notice and giving reasons for the contemplated removal. Such petition
shall be published. Unless the Board finds that the petition is invalid or
frivolous, the Board shall ensure that the agenda of the forthcoming Public
Policy Meeting includes the consideration of the removal of the NRO NC

9.5 Eligibility to vote for the removal in terms of 9.2(b) shall be
determined in the same way as the eligibility to vote for the appointment
of candidates.


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