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[rpd] IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon Aug 7 13:24:20 UTC 2017

On 07/08/2017 14:55, Andre van Zyl wrote:
>> On 07 Aug 2017, at 09:51, Andre van Zyl <vanzyla at> wrote:
>>> FTTH is an area where IPv6 can be and is successfully deployed. 
>> depends on the deployment.  vumatel, who is rapidly taking over a large segment of the consumer ftth market, doesn’t have this on their radar.
>> (i asked, since the building that i live in, uses their ftth services.)
> I am not close to the FTTH market, but I am starting to see that now. After my mail this morning I thought I'd actually try and get some stats around v6 support on FTTH in SA. I mailed a bunch of contacts at different transport providers to see if anyone was offering v6 handoff to ISPs. Had three replies and I'm 0/3 so far... Disappointing!
> I didn't ask my contacts this, but it did make me wonder, is this due to apathy towards v6 on their part, or lack of demand from ISP's?

>From my understanding, if an end user can successfully connect to the
Internet that he is interested in - then he is happy. He doesn't care
about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. As soon as he can not get to something
which he wants to get to, then he'll become unhappy. If there is all
sorts of NAT going on and it breaks his ability to connect - unhappy. In
South Africa , most ISP's give real routeable IPv4 addresses to
customers, so NAT problems tend to not show.
When ISP's run out of IPv4 addresses - the situation may change.

I'm worried about the learning curve that ISP's will have when they get
to the point where IPv6 deployment may be the only option.

Personally, I want  to run IPv6 at home over my aDSL. I need to first
buy a new aDSL Router - my trusty 10 year old Dreytec 2800 can not run
IPv6. I've already got a tunnel to Hurricane Electric - ready to be
configured. I have asked Axxess when they will support IPv6.

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