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[rpd] IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

Noah noah at
Fri Jul 28 06:17:35 UTC 2017

Hi Community,

Lets put our chief opposers of the softlanding policies aside for a second..

I am not sure if I will make sense but let me try to present a case below.

We supporters of an updated Softlanding policy believe in the impact that a
public IP address can have on our peoples lives.

Its a fact that an IP address has been responsible for the creation of jobs
and most of you if not all of you in this community in one way or another
are positively affected by the internet.

Our governements though the LIR's and PI resource members of  Afrinic
collect taxes from this businesses hence develop our respective countries.

The IP address has enabled egoverment and now the administrative state can
serve citizens through egov services thereby increase government effeciency
and more and more of our African governments are putting information online.

The IP address is responsible for research and education institutes today
across the continent to communicate and share ideas and our scholars are
able to interact by means of the African Internet.

The IP address has enabled access to information beyond our reach and this
access to information is enabling our people effect socio-economic and
political change.

The IP address has enabled ecommerse and has empowered local fintech
innovations like mobile money which has fundamentally had a profound effect
on our peoples lives.

The Internet that is a social media enabler has enabled young men and women
across this continent to access a local market and trade online on
ecommerce platforms where they dont have to own physical stores/shops but
they can market and sale their products online and deliver the same to the

With a surge in high unemployments rates across sub-sahara Africa, many
unemployed graduates are finding a reason to hope as platforms like
Instagram, facebook and others are enabling them to access followers who in
one or another have turned out to be a customer or client base.

Our local musicians today are reaching a far bigger audience that has
enabled them grow their artistic talent beyond Africa and our Afrobeat
music and house music is now listened and enjoyed by folks from all works
of life. They are enabling us change our story.

The IP address bas enables our friends who come to tour our beautiful
continent access to more local information about our various countries
thereby enabling us collect revenue and create jobs and build our
hospitality industry.

Lets not kid ourselves. As the vendors continue fixing the IPv6 software
stacks, IPv4 still works and IPv4 will not be less useful anytime soon
because vendors across the board still make a killing out of IPv4.

Big telecoms have invested in legacy equipmemts and still returning their

Big internet companies that depends on global numbers which are mainly
still accessible via the IPv4 internet wont risk loosing this market.

Some startups will be seeking addresses to atleast support critical
infrastucture like DNS and Web servers if there is none from Afrinic, you
be forced to pay more expensively from those who have the space.

Facebook, youtube,uber,twitter,google,instagram,apple,microsoft,airbnb to
name but a few are software companies that have created jobs and are making
millions of dollars and affecting lives because the Ip addresses made it

The IP address is what makes you and me pay our bills within our domain of

There million dollar IPv4 transfer market is here to stay and late
entreprenuers and startups will pay more expensively for an IP address post
IPv4 exhaustion which could potentially discourage investment in the IP
related investments.

The last IPv4 address ought to be handled with care hence further
recommendation on how to deal with this depletion scenario.

We can deplete fast but if any one of you tomorrow wants IP addresses and
cant get them from Afrinic, you will be forced to dance to the IPv4 brokers

You will be forced to look up to IPv4 brokers  for address space and the
IPv4 broker will not trade space the same way Afrinic does.

IPv4 is still relevant than you will ever imagine save for the rhetoric
around how IPv4 is legacy and not needed meanwhile millions of dollars are
exchanging hands in the IPv4 tranfer market.

I know its a long one and i could go on but these are my 2cents community.

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