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[rpd] Last Call for "AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT-04 - Internet Number Resources Review by AFRINIC"

Tutu Ngcaba pan.afrikhan at
Tue Jun 27 17:36:15 UTC 2017

On 27 Jun 2017 4:36 p.m., "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at>

Audits cost time – Audits cost money – the bigger the organization and the
more resource involved – the larger the cost – and someone has to pick up
those costs.  Under the current policy – if the audit is proved to be
futile – money will have been wasted – LARGE amounts of it – and since the
policy refuses to disclose who ASKED for the audit in the first place – the
organisation being audited has no recourse against fallacious accusations –
and yes – that may well get AfriNIC sued.

Brother Andrew,

no you are making it looked like its this big huge task to complete. the
Afrinic employee they get paid salary to work. they shall do. if your
company is organised very very well and like its gotta this monitoring and
the management systems tools, it is simple task of showing from this
system. the afrinic has system like the whois which can show management and
the allocated ip address. this is why even spam people easy to catch if
they abuse because management system of whois can tell quick which ip
address used to spam. so easy to even audit the afrinic using the whois.

While I realize from some entirely naïve academic perspective auditing IP
resources might sound like a simple task – it isn’t – always that simple –
because the definition of audit says verify – and organisations that have
thousands and thousands of assignments will need significant resources and
money to complete such a task – a cost that must be born by someone.

did you not have this monitoring tools and the ones for logs. like nagios,
like the cacti, like the ip-plan, like the graphings tools for all the ip
address in usage in your company as isp. this will make it simple for you
to record ip address used and which is not used per the customers.

what kind of ISP will not know which ip address it given to the customer to
be used?  this is what can easy to show when audit happened very quickly.

As for the complaints about the Chinese involvement – say what you like, if
a member is here on this list and objecting – they have every right to do
so – enshrined in the PDP is that ALL members of the community have a say
and consensus must be based on ALL members, not those we like, those we
agree with, those that speak our language, those that live in our

but they will lie bra and some will be afraid like they hide something. I
seen one member say their company giving internet to a billion people of
Africa. can you believe this kind of lies.

Best Regards,
Tutu Ngcaba
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