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[rpd] Board Election 2017: Final Candidate Slate

Chevalier du Borg virtual.borg at
Mon May 22 11:09:40 UTC 2017

2017-05-22 14:26 GMT+04:00 Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at>:

> The issue under discussion is not about Managers or CEO’s.

not directly. issue is about their skillset board member need to
guide/support CEO.

>  It’s about Board Members.

Correct, who have to guide/support the CEO, not staff.

> And my reference goes back to the make up of the board of the most
> successful companies or organizations.   They meticulously pick competent,
> educated, and experienced board members to guide the CEO regardless of his
> educational level.

If by 'his' you mean the candiate for board, then we are in agreement. If
by 'his' you mean  CEO, then I disagree this is not about CEO, he has
already been chose.

We are about to choose people who guide him, who evaluate him, who
counterbalance him to ensure the company remain strong and in health. So if
you pick a PhD in Advance BGP with 23.15 year experience in publishing
paper on micro-BGP array but have never run manage a budget, have never
create or try to put in action a strategy plan, have never build a team,
 how helpful is that to board? ceo? copany? community?

> A quick look at what other RIR’s expect as an entry to the board shows you
> that we need to look at this issue either in Nomcom or even at election
> time.
> Its all about the choices we make.

so let use this as opportunity to have conversation about skill and
experience that a board member must have (age don't matter Mr
Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Then nomcom must be able to evaluate candiate against
that critere and decline. Right now, bar is soooooooooooooo low, anyone can
apply and depending on the war going on between different faction, just win
and become bord member even if they are total unfit to be.

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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