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[rpd] New Policy Proposal - "Anti-Shutdown (AFPUB-2017-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)"

Adnan RIHAN axel50397 at
Mon Apr 17 18:06:09 UTC 2017

Hello brothers,

I’m just a young Congolese (BZV) citizen, and here is my own thoughts
about this policy and your reactions. I’m a new ML member and this is
my first email to any afrinic’s ML.

Some of us live in more or less free countries, others under hidden
dictatorships, and the rest of us in locked-down countries.

This policy started from an idea, good or bad, based on the fact that
Internet is sometimes shutdown in some countries, for good or bad
reasons. Unfortunately, AFRINIC has NO POWER AT ALL on any
governments, so we are trying to find a leverage.

Like Tutu said, there is almost nothing we (as AFRINIC’s community)
can do about it without collateral damages on citizens. Considering
the fact that this Policy would be dangerous for citizens and nearly
useless against governments, we should start a thread somewhere else
to continue finding ideas.

Unfortunately, only citizens of a country have the power to change
things, legally and peacefully. Such citizens could organize a sit in
(if it’s legal) in front of gov’s offices, write mass letters, do a
peaceful walk or even create a local protesting group associating
medias. Anyways, it won’t be AFRINIC’s business.
Regards, Adnan RIHAN

GPG: 5675-62BA (
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