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[rpd] New Policy Proposal - "Anti-Shutdown (AFPUB-2017-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)"

Evelyn Namara evelyngeek at
Thu Apr 13 08:12:15 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Been following this thread with keen interest and I'm glad majority of us
are actively joining the conversation and seeking solutions to the
"Internet Shutdown"

First of all, I commend the authors for the draft policy but like some on
the list, I do not agree that an RIR level policy with such harsh
recommendations will be helpful for AFRINIC. While that's my stand I also
in the same vain wonder how we then MUST hold governments accountable for
state imposed shutdowns. On one hand, I get where Andrew is coming from and
on the other hand I consider the impact of this policy to AFRINIC and it's

So if we can't have an RIR policy on shutdowns that brings governments to
accountability, what other body with authority can effect such a policy
that strongly sends a message to any government that shuts downs should not
be considered? I believe issuing statements against shutdowns from various
organizations is not the answer, it certainly helps but does nothing to
stop shutdowns from happening in another state.

Bottom-line, let's strive to fight for a better Internet for all and not
break the Internet further as I think it would be with this policy as it

> We are here claiming that by withdrawing/banning IP resource from govt
> entities will put them off the internet, well maybe temporarily but I can
> assure you that one of those ISP that may add +1 to this policy (including
> authors) will provide a solution to the govt, just that it will be a
> solution that further breaks the internet (most likely NATing), so what
> will we have achieved in the long run? Well I already listed some of them
> in my previous post. One thing I did not add is that we would have
> significantly severed whatever little relationships with various government
> and her establishments that AFRINIC currently has.


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