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[rpd] New Policy Proposal - "Anti-Shutdown (AFPUB-2017-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)"

Tutu Ngcaba pan.afrikhan at
Thu Apr 13 07:02:12 UTC 2017

On 13 Apr 2017 9:33 a.m., "Seun Ojedeji" <seun.ojedeji at> wrote:

Hello again,

Hello brother Seun,

I have been following this thread but I think I may have been saying things
a little lightly so let me be a little bit frank here. I wonder what
"balance"(as Kris puts it) we are looking for as this isn't just a policy
that should pass in any manner or form! We are here talking about internet
shutdown implications (like Tamon indicated), is anyone really considering
implications for AFRINIC as an organisation, yeah you heard me right.

I think some members are just supporting the bad policy proposal without
thinking of the big impact. We have to use wisdom sometimes my brothers.

Imagine this policy passes and then it gets implemented in say Mauritius,
ofcourse AFRINIC will loose her welcome by default (or you think govt that
has the gut to shutdown internet will not retaliate). So we then move to
another country which could also have shutdowns as well. I have no idea why
we think we can discipline or get govt to behave with an RIR policy like
the one being proposed. It's just a fantasy at best; "who made us
lords over the govt" comes to mind easily.

I also wonder this is why i ask the motive of the authors of this policy at
this time since internet shuts has been happening in the past but
eventually it is back when politics problem is resolved.

We are here claiming that by withdrawing/banning IP resource from govt
entities will put them off the internet, well maybe temporarily but I can
assure you that one of those ISP that may add +1 to this policy (including
authors) will provide a solution to the govt, just that it will be a
solution that further breaks the internet

This is why i feel  the policy proposal does not make sense. Maybe Authors
just get excited because the Afrinic send statements about government
internet shutdown.

But the ISP which say yet to such polic, that ISP will loose its license
immediately as regulator will punish the ISP and the customers will suffer
internet lose and the economy too as it will lead to unemployment of ISP
people since the ISP which supports this will be anti-government ISP.

Going forward I do not feel what we are even discussing here should

Yes i agree as its wastage of the time here already.

 However the substance of the policy which is the shutdown should be an
agenda item to discuss at upcoming AIS.

Yes i also agree as the Afrinic has the government working group which the
government people like regulatord can attend workshop and the Afrinic can
also engage them in this hot topic.

The following question comes to mind:
What more role can AFRINIC play in fighting against internet shutdowns
(such role should !=policy)

I think this is a valid question for the Afrinic to consider during
meetings to come also when the Afrinic goes to the countries they have to
raise the issue.

Best Regards,

Tutu Ngcaba
Kwazulu Techno Hubs
South Africa
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