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[rpd] Fwd: new policy proposal "Soft Landing - SD"

Mark Elkins mje at
Sun Apr 2 18:11:41 UTC 2017

On 02/04/2017 17:07, Ernest wrote:
> Exhaustion Phase 1:
> During this phase, allocation/assignment of address space will
> continue as in the Current phase (/24 for a EU and /22 for a LIR) but
> the maximum will change from /10 to /17.

I'd prefer to see a /16 - rather than /17. Makes rDNS much simpler if
someone gets a full /16. Also reduces the total number of players to 64
(if everyone gets a /16) which means we might actually use the space in
a reasonable time period.

> Modify Section of the CPM to the following :
> Exhaustion Phase 2
> During this phase a minimum allocation/assignment size will be /24,
> and the maximum will be /20 per allocation/assignment.

Fine - as long as one can return multiple times without any limits ( or
is that a /17 (preferably a /16))

> Modify section 5.4.4 of the CPM to the following:
> For any LIR or End User requesting IPv4 address space during the
> Exhaustion There is no explicit limit on the number of times an
> organization may request additional IPv4 address space, so long as
> such organisation has not received allocations/assignments equivalent
> to the maximum prefix during
> each phase.

I would have preferred to see inclusion of the Reserved Space - a Phase
3, where anyone who has less than a /20 can get enough space to bring
them to a total of a /20. That should keep us going for a number of
years - for either small players or new players in the future.

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