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[rpd] Mass Hijacking of AFRINIC IPv4 Space by U.S.A. Spammers

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Thu Nov 17 20:11:32 UTC 2016

In message <7DF5BC11-2143-4605-BC6A-D16F22E85246 at>, 
Bill Woodcock <woody at> wrote:

>Ronald, you're being condescending to an entire continent of people.


>Who are not the ones causing the problem.

You say this as if you actually *do* know exactly who *is* causing the
problem.  If so, please tell me and then we'll both know.

I mean, whose fault is it that numerous /16 blocks sit around unused
for 10+ years, until some enterprising spammers notice them sitting
around free and decide to usurp them?  You tell me?  Is it nobody's
fault?  Just an Act of God, like a tornado or an earthquake?  Who is
to blame?

>Nor can any action on AfriNIC's part prevent hijacking.

I know that.  but it is my contention that Afrinic's *inaction* has
actively *encouraged* all this hijacking in this case.  In no other
region is there so much assigned but unused IPv4 space just lying
around where any criminal can decide that it is "easy pickings".

>I'm well aware that spamming is incredibly frustrating.  But
>your anger is misplaced, and you've been rude to people who are
>not to blame.

You're wrong.  Spamming is *not* "incredibly frustrating".  I actually
have grudging admiration for the spammers.  At least they have a clear
goal, a clear vision, and for the most part they are very professional
about their work.  They do not convene review committies, have endless
online discussions that go nowhere, or draft policies that are never
enforced.  They are not political animals.  They make money the old-
fashioned way.  They steal it.

What *is* incredibly frustrating is when I contact an RIR, using the
official contact form on its web site, and then I never get -anything-

What is also frustrating is to find that there is one particular RIR
(out of five) that apparently doesn't think that it is worthwhile to
put either date information or contact email information into any of
its WHOIS records.  For an investigator such as myself, that is the
very opposite of helpful.


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