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[rpd] Summary of proposals: IPv4 Runout Management

ALAIN AINA aalain at
Thu Nov 10 18:43:12 UTC 2016


>> Can i ask you to propose text on how to add  the v6 deployment to the proposal ?
> I don’t believe text is necessary as I don’t believe that is an appropriate thing to add to the policy.
> IPv4 policy should govern the acquisition and distribution of IPv4 addresses. It should not mandate the acquisition or distribution of IPv6 addresses, nor should it be constrained by them. They should remain independent from a policy perspective.

Once again, we are mainly talking about how to manage the  last /8 (102/8) which was allocated  through the global soft landing policy and  meant to help the transition to IPv6. The idea here is that if you are running a network which needs IPv4 from this last /8, it must also need IPv6, have it already or apply for it; unless justified and accepted.
i noticed LACNIC and RIPE have something similar. ARIN  allocating from a reserved /10  with eligibility conditions  as follow: 

Allocations and assignments are from a reserved /10 and must be justified by immediate IPv6 requirements.


>> Although it is said to be  for  "some future uses, as yet unforeseen”, section says how to use it.  So AFRINIC not going to sit on this reserve.
>> =====
>> When AFRINIC, can no longer meet any more requests for address space (from the Final /8 or from any other available address space), the Board may at its discretion and considering the demand and other factors at the time replenish the exhaustion pool with whatever address space (or part thereof) that may be available to AFRINIC at the time, in a manner that is in the best interest of the community.
>> =======
> To be honest with you, I opposed and continue to oppose this provision as well.
> While upon re-reading that, I realize that it does allow the board to transfer space from this “reserve in support of poor judgment” to the free pool, however, my initial reading, I felt that it implied an authority for the board to attempt to purchase resources on the inter-RIR transfer market to refill the pool (which I think would be an absurd waste of AfriNIC funds).

Hmmm! What a fertile imagination? Are you not being v4-only minded ?
My uncle just sent me a message from the village. Oracles have revealed that by the end of January 2017, the Internet will be IPv6-only and IPv4 will become useless and free again. So if the board going the refill the pool with v4 space  “in a manner that is in the best interest of the community”, it will cost just 0$

>>> We’re in a very different time now.
>> Yes,  but we are still struggling and this region as usual has his specifities
> Sure, but those specificities do not call for anything which encourages or promotes continued bad judgment.

Recent elections in a super big country, showed that “bad" or “good" judgment means different thing to different people. 
Consider the context and the specificities, but help progress to occur. 


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