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[rpd] Accountability assessment - PDP review?

Mark Elkins mje at
Sat Oct 29 12:22:51 UTC 2016

For the past few PDP Co-Chair elections - there has often not been
enough candidates to actually have a meaningful election. For example,
at one point recently, Sami Salih was the only volunteer - so it was a
show of hands to affirm him to the position. (There is always the voting
option of "no one"). This was him re-running - so he was already doing
the job (had the experience).
In this case - if "no one" was elected - he would probably have had the
automatic option of staying in the role as default (if we followed what
would happen in the BoD if no one stands for a seat).

Its the community in the room that votes for the PDP Co-Chair.

If there were signs of contention between multiple candidates, then we'd
probably revert to a (secret) paper ballot. If a show of hands will
suffice, rather keep things simple.

Unfortunately, PDP Co-Chair seems to be an unpopular job. We seem to be
at the position of "Anyone volunteering" rather than "who's the best
volunteer for the job"

From an experience point of view, I'd love volunteers to say that they
had actually (co)authored a policy at some time.

On 29/10/2016 13:59, ALAIN AINA wrote:
>> On Oct 29, 2016, at 2:36 PM, sm+afrinic at wrote:
>> Hi Alain, At 01:56 29-10-2016, ALAIN AINA wrote:
>>> Under  a normal election process, i may have chance to google
>>> for candidates background, but what  would i look for ?
>>> experience with  AFRINIC PDP? experience with Working Group ?
>>> experience with Internet Number ressources management ? As we
>>> have multiple chairs, skills and expertises needed at some point,
>>> may not always be the same.
>> The is a description of the responsibilities of the Chairs at 
>> It does
>> not list any of the above.  There is a video about the last
>> selection of a Chair at
>> The video shows the Chair of Afrinic Ltd refreshing the memory of
>> one of the candidates.
>> If the persons voting for or against a candidate believe that one 
>> or more of the points which are listed above are required, I
>> assume that they would use that for their decision.
>>> I also point to cases  of  co-chairs election of the fly where 
>>> one did not have that chance
>> .
>> Yes.
>>> And voting for co-chairs is by show of hands of  people
>>> attending a particular public policy meeting.
>> Ernest commented that according to the PDP the voting is done by a 
>> show of hands.  The election of the Chair used to be done by
>> secret ballot.  In cases where there were last minute problems,
>> the selection was done through a mechanism proposed by the Chair
>> of Afrinic Ltd.  As those are recurring problems, I suggest 
>> documenting how the election/selection is supposed to be done.
> Ack. We must now  document and be explicit all times. But my main 
> point here was that people voting in the room at a moment do not
> have necessary have a clue of what is going on and just vote as
> asked.
> May be gauge the support to candidates on mailing list before the 
> elections ?
> —Alain
>> Regards, S. Moonesamy
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