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[rpd] Accountability assessment - PDP review?

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Fri Oct 28 17:20:30 UTC 2016

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On 28 Oct 2016 16:44, <sm+afrinic at> wrote:
> Hi Seun,
> At 22:01 27-10-2016, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>> Other RIR do actual vote count, we don't do that at AFRINIC but that
also doesn't imply it isn't checking consensus. In the long run, whether
all the substantial issues on a particular policy has been addressed is
what needs to be focused upon.
> I took a quick look at the policy development discussions about three
proposals for Lacnic (
SO: I do not have luxury of data at my present location and besides the
videos are in a language I don't understand so I only streamed few minutes
of the videos.

Can that be done for Afrinic?

SO: Do you mean providing video sessions for each of the policies or having
the author present their proposal?
I believe the later is usually our practice(unless the author isn't
available). For the former, I will leave that to Staff and current
Co-Chairs to note as a suggestion while also adding my +1 to it.


> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
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