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[rpd] Policy Proposal Update - IPv4 Soft Landing-bis

Christopher Mwangi christopher.mwangi at
Fri Aug 26 05:06:53 UTC 2016

>Shortchanging the extra rich companies like Liquid telecom you mean?
We start losing the point  when we start correlating the richness of a company to the need of enacting a fair policy that addresses the needs of Africans . 

>Such are the "more people" you talk about here who mostly want the huge amount of IPv4 now at the detriment of >upcoming small players.

The question here I think is the "huge amount of IPV4" being  put into good use ,  can it be accounted for ?. Is it a need based request? and is it being used to serve the people in Africa? 

Again you drag the "upcoming small players" into this policy , that again misses the point , that is a whole separate investment topic not of interest to this group. 

>Such are the "more people" that can freely gloat about IPv6 deployment now because their financial resources can >allow it.

Uuuhhm ? We need to demystify the myth that to start doing anything about IPV6 you really need to spend a lot of money. Lots of people have given their recommendation about how to go about this ,most of which are not monetary.  I will not go into details . In our case, it was careful planning , focus, vendor engagement , dedication to beat own deadlines and the will to make this work. 
Any new entrants are way more advantaged as they can factor in IPV6 considerations in planning , buying and rollout .

> Yet reality is that IPv4 is still here and our region is still growing. Such large companies can also afford to buy IPv4 >from >secondary market at any cost after exhaustion while the small upcoming ones will struggle afford this, and you >guys >outside the region are busy pushing for the large players to deplete our reserves, in which spirit I wonder?

Refer to first point .

>A justified need now means any huge company can deplete all IPv4 reserve. It is a very unfair policy at this moment in >time when that reserve is still needed by many others. Is this what you really want for us?

First point Again! But just to add , the many others ? Where are they ?Are they making the request , Are their request being treated fairly? Are they also meant to serve the same community as the huge companies ?


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