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[rpd] Statistics on IPV4 allocation in Africa as of 2016

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at
Mon Jun 20 17:34:20 UTC 2016

On 20 Jun 2016, at 14:27, Fabian Jr wrote:

> i was a new comer at some point way back 2012 ... as a PI
> i think i asked IPv4 and ASN ... automatically i got IPv6 (/48)...... 
> i thought this started long ago!

since about 2010 (madhvi can tell you exactly when) all new applicants 
at afrinic have been given the standard message of:
* would you like ipv6;  it’s free (for now)
* would you like ipv6;  it’s easy
* would you like ipv6;  it’s the future
so, in 2012, the afrinic hostmaster team would have *asked* you - and 
probably subtly hinted at you getting ipv6, along with your initial v4 
allocation.  you likely said yes - and without any discussion they 
probably made the initial default allocation.
that is all good.  i am glad to hear that it was quick and easy for you 
to get ipv6.

but, note:  they *asked* you.  you said yes (and it did not slow down 
your application process).
such is the nature of a contract;  offer, and acceptance.
they did not *force* you to take it

to be clear:  afrinic can *NOT* allocate you something that you did not 
ask for.

> i think what we need to try to figure out and possibly do is to have a 
> Guide ready to give to the new comers/applicants to guide them from 
> the start on how to do at least a DUAL STACK.... to let them start 
> using IPv6 automatically and use IPV4 at the same to allow them 
> continue access those resources elsewhere which are still on IPv4.....

all true.  but, this is not a policy item  :-)
there’s an initiative like this being discussed on the afripv6 list.

> im trying to think of a scenario of showing new users (applicants) 
> that it's IPv6 era now.... but we are forced to somehow embed IPv4 in 
> order to continue access services still on V4.....

none of us here are gifted with a crystal ball.  so we can’t guess at 
what someone will need address space for.  maybe it it is to support a 
legacy application that simply requires unique addressing.  we encourage 
and support v6 - and should make it is *easy* as possible to get.  
hopefully soon it will stop being the optional extra, and become *the* 
resource that people are actually requesting;  perhaps with v4 as the 
optional extra  :-)


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