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[rpd] Statistics on IPV4 allocation in Africa as of 2016

Noah noah at
Wed Jun 15 15:07:49 UTC 2016

On 15 Jun 2016 07:05, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at>
> Then again, in my book this is all kinda irrelevant, so long as the space
is going to people who have legitimate need for it on the continent,

Some are subtle legitimate needs.

AfriNIC hostmaster can only try as much as they can to get all the correct
information and even with all the due deligence, there is no guarrantee
that some of that space wont be used else where and I will explain why.

> So long as its being used to provide internet to the people in Africa,
wherever they are, whoever they are, and not flowing off the continent, it
doesn’t matter to me.  We are all one continent, we are all African, and I
stand by the view that fair use = let those who need it and can use it,
have it.

It matters to some folk especially if for example, some startup Cloud
business comes running for resources from AfriNIC and can even justify it
yet we know very well that to operate a cloud business you need state of
the Art Datacenters infrastructure across the continent.

To run a Datacenters, you require energy/electricity and last i checked,
our motherland is still doing very poorly in terms of energy investment and
abundance and this lack of enough electricity is one of the greatest
challenges and hindrance of economic development across the board. In line
with my urgement, how many major Data center businesses have we on this
continent.  They are less than 5 major ones with about 40 more small ones.


Would it be fair to allocate a huge space to say, a cloud business/company
knowing very well the situation on the ground even if they had all the

And suppose that company was allocated a huge space.....

Wouldn't it be obvious that the only way for such a business to florish
would be to host its cloud business off continent where DC infrastructure
is already developed and cost effective to lease space and effectively this
companies target market would be off continent.


In North America, Europe and Some parts of Asia, nuclear energy and massive
solar energy is the order of the day. So let us not kid ourselves.


This means that its very easy for a cloud company with a huge allocation to
use 70% of its allocation off continent where its cost effective to run the
business since the grounds are conducive.

How many of our businesses can access that market today? The reverse it

That last /8 ought to be tight controlled with proper soft landing policy.
[1]  [2]

> Andrew


[1] That is why I fully support - *"Soft Landing - BIS Draft 02."* policy.

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