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Noah noah at
Wed May 4 14:56:02 UTC 2016

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 8:33 PM, abel ELITCHA <kmw.elitcha at> wrote:

> Hi
> I got to see the mail below from a board member. It concerned me as i
> raised some importants points:
Thank you for sharing...

> On the West African seat, I am endorsing Sunday Folayan.  Sunday is
> the current chair of the AfriNIC board, and despite many trying
> circumstances in the year and half since he has taken the chair,
> AfriNIC has made tremendous progress.  Indeed, in Pointe Noir we were
> credited with giving the community transparent information and
> financials for the first time in 10 years.  Sunday and his leadership
> played a huge part in this and his institutional knowledge and the way
> he has run the board have been critical to the improved situation we
> are starting to find ourselves in.
Well, I think it would be wise to let the community do the role of judging
good performance.

It took a few months for me to get feedback on some important query...

> On the North African seat, I am endorsing Hytham Ek-Nakhal.  Hytham is
> currently the deputy chair of the board, and again, in the year since
> he took that position, he has proved very capable and also carries
> deep institutional knowledge from a prolonged tenure on the board.  I
> have found him to be fair, reasonable and willing to both have his
> views and debate the views of others in the search for a consensus
> approach.  Hence, I strongly believe that his tenure on the board
> should continue.

Ok, again, that is some subjective opinion, but as a community we shall
objectively be the judges and the juries.

> On the Independent seat, here I am endorsing Mike Silber,

Diversity is of great importance  as it brings about the necessary
balance...never forget that...

Its a big continent with a lot of capable folks and we cant wait for
nomcom's final slate.

> Mike is legally trained and that is
> something we desperately need within AfriNIC as we look at the bylaws,
> as we move into an era where there is a governance committee, there
> are bids of control and various other issues.  It is that legal skill
> set that we are missing directly on the board (yes, we have legal
> council, but it is a very different thing to have someone who has that
> kind of legal knowledge actually sitting on the board).
Are other board members allowed to comment on the above statement.  Is it
true that the BoD is in dire need of some legal experts?

Needless to say, the GC is coming, perhaps some of this folks could better
serve on such a council.

*And If I may, those who drafted the current by-laws, what was the
process?  Did we require one of the board directors to be legally sound.?*

> I need to also point out, in the event of the board losing both Sunday
> and Hytham, and the independent seat going to a weak candidate,
> AfriNIC will be in serious trouble.  Firstly, I personally do not
> believe that the board has anyone who is anywhere close to as capable
> as Sunday or Hytham for the positions of chair and vice chair
> respectively, and whoever comes in could not take those positions no
> matter how strong, since those positions require institutional
> knowledge that comes from time served on the board.  My reasoning for
> endorsing Mike is made plain above.
100% innuendo in my humble opinion.

I doubt the other board members are happy to be undermined. Its a joke to
even think that Abibu, Kris, Christian, Lucky etc are not capable and
certainly the community that elected them onto that board knew what is was
doing, so try and respect that.

Others have served before and others will serve after the current
volunteers to the board are gone.

> Thanks
> Andrew "
I drop the mike.
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