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[rpd] Policy areas to consider

Noah noah at
Thu Jul 2 16:26:15 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 10:14 AM, Mwendwa Kivuva <Kivuva at
> wrote:

> Why would we want to speed up IPv4 uptake and work towards its exhausting?
> For some reason, as a continent, we lagged behind in utilization of v4. Unfortunately,
> we are also lagging behind in uptake of v6 even after excellent effort by
> Afrinic in capacity building and sensitization across the continent.
AfriNIC can only do much within its limits but another suggestion would be
for regulatory authorities [ though mostly less technical ] in most
countries taking upon themselves to drive the uptake of IPv6 either through
national policy or something of a sort that eventually can encourage the
players to do the needful....

ISP communities and associations specific to each country could also play a
centric role... [I dont know what happened to *AfriSPA* and its
coordination of ISP's across the continent..could be funding, who know...]

> I would rather we concentrate our effort in coming up with ways to be more
> v6 compliant, and let v4 takes its natural course. Of course given the low
> proliferation of networks in our region compared to other regions, we might
> need v4 pool to enable dual-stacking if necessary for network expansions
> and accommodate new players.
Various vendor's [ code ] like Andrew Alston pointed out are still not
supporting v6 fully in terms of some very important feature sets... Could
be a strategic business move, could be an R&D delays, but there is still so
many platforms out there not fully v6 compliant...

IMHO, to add on the above, The African Continent in general is still highly
stratified in terms of Internet development...

Most of the PR out there about what is going on as far as Internet
development is concerned in Africa is targeted toward a few
Regions/Countries whose local Internet industry is booming for instance
countries in Southern Africa, East Africa, Some west African Countries and
of course Egypt all attributed to the various, sub-marine cable systems
running along the coast of non-landlocked countries.

So considering the above fact...when you travel to some parts of In-land
Sub-Sahara Africa and most part of Central Africa, you realise the
narrative is different... Of course sea bound countries can't wait while
the landlocked countries catch up in terms of expensive terrestrial
backhauling and limited infrastructure and as such, you realise that even
with IP Number resource allocation, some countries are taking the lion

This are fact that we over look every time we discuss issues regarding
number resource distribution...

Perhaps we need to rethink our approach going forward ...just my opinion...

> From replies to Seun's well intended thread, you can clearly see it has
> been hijacked by vested interests who just see money and how to milk our
> dear Afrinic.
This is still a puzzle to me... but something has to be done eventually...

> Sincerely,
> ______________________
> Mwendwa Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya

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