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[rpd] AnyCast assignments - Update

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon Oct 20 19:45:00 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-10-20 at 22:11 +0300, Ernest wrote:
> >> 3) Proposal
> >> AFPUB-2012-V4-001 is modified from the original version to the
> >> following version:
> >> ...........................................................
> >> 1. Summary of the problem being addressed by the policy proposal
> >> This proposal allows an organization to receive an IPv4/IPv6
> >> allocation or assignment and an AS Number purely for anycast or GPRS
> >> Roaming Exchange (GRX) usage.
> >>
> >> 2. Summary of how this proposal addresses the problem
> >> This proposal allows the use of:
> >> a. One (1) /24 of IPv4 for anycast services from a PA allocation of
> >> an LIR or direct end-user assignment.
> >> b. One /48 of IPv6 for anycast services from an IPv6 LIR allocation
> >> or direct end-user assignment.
> >> c. An AS Number for anycast purposes.
> > 
> > let me explain the second request. the policy, as is worded, is
> > potentially ambiguous.  hostmasters _may_ be tempted to say that,
> > as per policy, they have satisfied the requirement to allocate
> > one, and only one prefix for anycast purposes, to an
> > organisation, when, a forward thinking organisation might wish to
> > have more than one anycast cloud.  while having one prefix, is
> > obviously better than zero, it would be _wrong_ to limit this to
> > just one anycast cloud.
> > 
> > so, while the current policy doesn't _disallow_ more than a
> > single allocation, it's not clear (i think) to the hostmaster
> > team, that more than one allocation might be allowed. (i guess,
> > the other way of looking at this, is that there is no requirement
> > to _change_ policy if, there is acknowledgement from the
> > hostmaster team that they understand this - perhaps we can get
> > them to comment here.  the task of determining valid usage will
> > still be up to the hostmasters of course)
> As there are no explicitly indicated limitations in the current
> policy, we implemented this such that an organization can request
> and be granted one /24 *per request*. The frequency of the anycast
> requests however (from the same organization) is unlimited per our
> interpretation.
> While reading through the new proposal - we also interpret it such
> that one /24 v4, one /48 v6 prefix and one ASN will be assigned with
> *each* anycast request from the same organization, and there is no
> limit on the number of times the same org can request such resources.

Which should mean there is nothing wrong with the wording!

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