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[afnog] [rpd] Re: A typical case of abuse of our resources!!!

Jackson Muthili jacksonmuthi at
Wed Sep 24 14:11:46 UTC 2014

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 2:34 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at> wrote:
> Asking AfriNIC staff to implement the spirit of the policy rather than
> taking care to write what we really want as a community into the letter of
> the policy is a very dangerous request.
> If you had a loosely written policy to a dozen people and ask each of them
> to explain the spirit of the policy, it is unlikely that more than one or
> two of them (at best) will come particularly close to the original author’s
> stated intent for the policy.
> More importantly, you will probably have at least 12 different (and often
> some of them radically different) ideas as to the core intent of the policy.
> I agree that the allocation is suspicious, but if the postmasters say that
> the justification supplied meets policy, then I believe we must trust them
> absent any strong evidence of fraud. Share suspicion alone is not
> sufficient.
> I suspect that the domains are being used to host VPNs and are likely
> serving end-users outside the region via these VPNs. Currently, there’s
> nothing in AfriNIC policy to prohibit that. I leave it as an exercise for
> other members of this list to decide whether there should be policy to
> prohibit such allocations.
> I will say this… Regardless of how we hand out the remaining IPv4 addresses,
> the simple reality is that IPv4 will soon be much less important than having
> an IPv6 deployment and I believe that the community would be better served
> by aggressively implementing IPv6 than by handwringing over the mechanism by
> which the limited IPv4 free pool is drained.

While you keep saying this you did not say some importants facts like
(1) Ipv4 needed during transition (2) 98% of internet still on ipv4
despite that you think ipv4 is not anymore important (3) the develope
or 1st world economy (USA include) have not adopt ipv6. I wonder why?

What I try to say here is ipv4 is still very important and please dont
discourage developing economy from levereaging so far its pool larger
than rest of the world because it seem that internet may still run on
Ipv4 for long time.

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