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[rpd] Unnecessary attachments

Ben Roberts Ben.Roberts at
Wed Jun 11 08:26:03 UTC 2014

I have no problem with HTML mails or logos in signatures and I have sufficient operating systems and email software to read them as well as sufficient bandwidth and disk space to accept 'large' 86 kB GIF attachments.

2014 not 1994.

Ben Roberts
Group Director of Network Strategy
Liquid Telecommunications
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Liquid Telecommunications Limited, 6 New Street Square, London EC4A 3BF
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From: rpd-bounces at [mailto:rpd-bounces at] On Behalf Of Alan Barrett
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:56 AM
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Subject: [rpd] Unnecessary attachments

Ignoring the merits of Badru's message itself, I'd like to focus on the


  1 multipart/related [94K, 7bit]

  2 |->multipart/alternative [7.5K, 7bit]

  3 | |->text/plain [2.7K, quoted-printable, us-ascii]

  4 | `->text/html [4.5K, quoted-printable, us-ascii]

  5 `->image/png [86K, base64] A6B4555D-F867-4A2F-A9F9-BAF29039D12B[1].pn

  6 text/plain [0.1K, 7bit, us-ascii]

The useful part of the message (the text/plain part number 3)

is less than 3K.  The entire message is bloated to 94K by the

inclusion of an unnecessary HTML part, and an unnecessary image.

(The text/plain part number 6 is the footer automatically added by

the mailing list software.)

I'd like it if the mailing list software automatically blocked all

messages with attachments, pending approval by a moderator.  The

moderator could delete unnecessary attachments, or simply ask the

sender to try again without the attachment.  The moderator could

approve messages with useful attachments.

So many people send unnecessary HTML messages that it's pointless

to hold them for moderation.  I'd prefer to delete the HTML part

and keep the plain text, but I won't object if the community

prefers to keep both text and HTML.

--apb (Alan Barrett)


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