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[rpd] Guessing is not the way to verify information

SamiSalih sami at
Mon Jun 9 07:07:53 UTC 2014

Dear All,

As NomCom let me try to make some points,

1- The current situation now is NomCom provide the best candidates to the community, but in a non-systematic way,
2- using the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an old dilemma, in this specific case we use the spirit, and it works,
3- I believe that NomCom as "DELPHI" is a good approach to assure transparent and objective methodology, a little bit of subjectivity is also required,
4- On the other side, I think because NomCom use mailing list and then manually prepare the candidate list a miss communication can occur, in this case we can admit that, however nothing is perfect,
5- So, to fix this, I propose the process of nomination, providing information, verification, and then publishing the final list, to be automatized via web-portal,
6- and of course as NomCom we are more than happy to help AfriNIC staff developing this portal, I'm sure if we start asap we can make it before the next election.

Best Regards, 

Dr. Sami H.O. Salih
CEO, Sudanese Research and Education Network
President of SDv6TF
T/F: (249)122045707/187171355

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From: "Alan Barrett" <apb at>
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Sent: Friday, June 6, 2014 8:43:08 PM
Subject: Re: [rpd] Guessing is not the way to verify information

On Fri, 06 Jun 2014, Lu Heng wrote:
>nomination committee should apologise to me for telling me who I am.

On the one hand, NomCom's job is to take in nominations and to 
output a short list of candidates for the ballot, and they don't 
need to give reasons for a decision to omit any candidate from the 
ballot.  On the other hand, if they do give reasons, then they 
should expect the reasons to be scrutinised.

If a candidate fails to provide some required information, then I 
think that the nomination committee should contact the candidate 
at least once to request the information.

Also, if any of the information provided by a candidate appears 
to contradict information known or believed by the nomination 
committee via some other source, then I think that it would be 
reasonable, though not necessary, for the nomination committee 
to contact the candidate to give them a chance to explain.  In 
this case, it would have been reasonable for NomCom to send a 
message saying something like "Your nomination said you lived in 
Seychelles, but we have heard that you live in ${other_country}, 
please could you clarify?"

--apb (Alan Barrett)
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