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[rpd] New proposal - "AfriNIC Whois Database Update Process" (AFPUB-2014-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)

Kofi ansa akufo kofi.ansa at
Mon May 19 13:09:18 UTC 2014

This looks better :)

My issue although may be trivial is clause 3.3.7

AfriNIC headquarters is in a timezone (+4hrs GMT) quite different from
almost all the AfriNIC service region. An issue noticed currently when
contacting members.

On May 19, 2014 3:55 PM, "Jean Robert Hountomey" <jrhountomey at>

> Andrew and Al,
> Thank you for your comments.
> >If it takes this long to complete basic resource transfers for 5
> organisations, how long is it going to take to complete an “annual
> > cleanup” of over 750 members?
> >Hence, I feel that where work is required on AfriNIC’s side, I’d like to
> see them held to specific timelines by policy. If indeed point
> > 3.1.1 is covered by the timelines in 3.2, then the over points are moot.
> Understood. If we want to be a little bit more restrictive will this
> wording works
> 3.2. Change requested by another policy.
> In case another AfriNIC policy makes mandatory a change or introduces
> another object, the object owner is required to make this update.
> 3.3. Steps and timeline.
> 3.3.1 - Contact Initiation.
> AfriNIC staff will ask members by email to confirm the accuracy of their
> records in the Whois database within thirty (30) days.
> Fifteen (15) days after the first contact initiation, AfriNIC Staff will
> send a reminder email to members with no response and notify them that they
> will enter in "Grace Period" in the next 15 days if there is no response.
> For contacts whose email has bounced back for "Non Delivery", AfriNIC
> Staff will start using right away additional methods of communication to
> reach the organizations.
> 3.3.2 - Grace Period.
> Thirty one (31) days after the first contact initiation starts the Grace
> Period. The Grace period lasts thirty (30) days.
> During the Grace Period, AfriNIC Staff will use any communication tools at
> their discretion to reach point of contacts, members, organizations who
> have not confirmed the accuracy of their records. AfriNIC will continue its
> efforts to reach those whose email has bounced back.
> 3.3.3 - Record is marked invalid and the community notified.
> At the end of the Grace Period (61 days after the first contact
> initiation), AfriNIC will publish the next day the Resources and the Object
> Owners on a publicly available website and mark the record INVALID.
> 3.3.4. Conditions to withdraw an invalid record from the publicly
> available website.
> An invalid Resource Record that has not expired can be withdrawn at
> anytime from the publicly available website after Object Owners (new or
> old) address written notification to AfriNIC that they have updated the
> database and AfriNIC has confirmed within fifteen (15) days after being
> contacted that the newly available information is accurate. After fifty
> (15) days of non confirmation, AfriNIC must notify Object Owners of the
> reasons for non sending the notification.
> 3.3.5 - Expiration
> One year after the first contact initiation, if the data is still not
> accurate and the organization has failed to respond to the requests to
> resolve the data inconsistency, AfriNIC will mark the Resource EXPIRED and
> claim the number resources back. The resource will
> go back to AfriNIC's pool. If the Organization contacts AfriNIC after the
> expiration, a new application with associated fees will be required and
> there is no garantee that the Organization will keep the same pool.
> 3.3.6. - No Refund.
> This current policy gives a year to an Organization to update its
> information in the AfriNIC Database before expiration. In case a record
> reaches an expiration status and is returned to AfriNIC's pool, the
> organization cannot claim a refund for any portion of unused fund.
> 3.3.7. - Hours and timezone.
> AfriNIC's headquarters' timezone is the reference. A day ends at 23:59 at
> AfriNIC's headquarters timezone.
> Thanks.
> Best Regards
> Jean Robert
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