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[rpd] IPv4 policy on where space is used.

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Fri May 16 15:13:25 UTC 2014

Hrm, personally I have always opposed any form of legislation/policy as to
where IPv4 can be utilised, and at this point my stance hasn¹t really
changed though I¹m open to anyone who can convince me.

The reasons I oppose such policy are as follows:

A.) It¹s impossible to enforce.  If I have an AfriNIC ASN and AfriNIC IP
space and I announce both from Europe, there is no realistic way to
determine it without significant investigations and time and resources,
and even if you do manage to prove I¹m using it off continent, good luck
with the long and lengthy battle to get that changed or reclaim the space.
 Policy that is virtually impossible to enforce doesn¹t make sense in my

B.) I still believe that the excess of IPv4 space that AfriNIC is holding
hurts this continent and holds us back in terms of IPv6 deployment, and as
I have stated at many meetings, I am in favour of us finding a way to
(sensibly and with the space being properly used, where properly is open
to interpretation of the reader), use as much of the space as possible to
push us closer to the rest of the world in terms of running out and being
pushed towards IPv6.

C.) There are some incredibly large African conglomerates that have
significant presence internationally who cannot get space anymore from
ARIN and RIPE, by refusing to let them have space they can use in their
international operations, you disadvantage African business

D.) Referring to point (B), our excess of V4 space is resulting in Africa
becoming a dumping ground for hardware that lacks proper V6 support, long
term, that will hurt us.

E.) As has already been demonstrated, when individuals from off continent
decide they do wish to take the African IP space, they will find a way to
do it (and previous cases discussed on this list refer), so not
discounting point (A), I¹d rather see our space used by African companies
abroad, or alternatively ensure that we get something back for the
resource which we are handing out, than let it be pillaged and stolen like
the rest of Africa¹s resources have been.

So at this point, with these things in mind, while remaining proudly
African and not wanting our resources to be pillaged and taken once again
with no benefit to the African people, I would opposed such a policy
unless convinced that the points above have been addressed.



On 5/16/14, 5:57 PM, "Saul" <saul at> wrote:

>Personally I am in favour of keeping our resources regional. I think that
>have all been offered large sums of money to get space and then sell it
>the continent.
>But then its IP... does it really matter?
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>On Thu, 2014-05-15 at 21:46 +0400, Kofi ansa akufo wrote:
>>  ....the resource was going out of the region....
>As far as I am aware, the current requirement for getting address space
>that you are a company properly established (all legal - as such) in
>There is currently no policy (except with the last /8) that states the
>resources you get have to be used in Africa....
>This might be good.... (get rid of all the IPv4, start using IPv6) or
>(we are doing *what* with our resources???)
>Maybe some policy needs to be designed - how do people feel...
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