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[rpd] Fwd: Discussion about e-voting

Nii Narku Quaynor quaynor at
Mon May 12 19:28:43 UTC 2014

I wonder what one would say if one person was voting for all the 738 Afrinic members in good standing ?

Perhaps Afrinic needs to think through this some more

> On May 12, 2014, at 20:36, Mark Elkins <mje at> wrote:
>> On Mon, 2014-05-12 at 20:54 +0400, Kofi ansa akufo wrote:
>> Mark
>> Thanks for pointing out the voting procedure for individuals with
>> multiple votes.
> My pleasure. I hope I do not come over as being too heavy handed. I've
> been around a while.
>> What I am driving at is the integrity of the votes cast and how it
>> fairly represents the diverse community.
> I believe that the Elections and build-up processes that AFRINIC has are
> good. AFRINIC really does a pretty darn good job. I believe that as
> AFRINIC grows more towards a fully e-vote system, the integrity will
> improve though I should add I'm not aware of there ever having been a
> voting irregularity from the aspect of AFRINIC staff or systems. I would
> though personally miss the Paper Ballots and having the Staff from
> Visiting RAR's doing the counting... 
>> Member entities should be encouraged as much as possible to
>> participate in the election process as well as being ptesent in
>> meetings instead of encouraging proxies be it they understand "AFRINIC
>> politics" or NOT to vote for multiple representatives.
> AFRINIC does stream most of the events - so its possible to be
> "included" without being physically there. A proxy (or preferably
> e-vote) is at least a sign of interest. I'd personally love to see all
> members vote.
>> I believe the community can do better by exploring how to map entities
>> eligible to vote to the electoral system to involve the diverse
>> community.
> Go look at:
> At time of writing, we have 738 resource members who can vote (those in
> Good Standing).
> This e-mail written from my personal viewpoint.
>> cheers
>> Kofi.
>> On May 12, 2014 7:55 PM, "Mark Elkins" <mje at> wrote:
>>>        On Mon, 2014-05-12 at 18:42 +0400, Kofi ansa akufo wrote:
>>> Dear All
>>> 1. I am currently curious how individuals representing more
>>        than one
>>> registered and / or resource member currently proceeds to
>>        casting
>>> votes online.
>>        I have posted on this subject a few postings ago....
>>        I am perhaps a perfect example of this scenario.
>>> Does the person login with the same nic-handle or different
>>> nic-handles to cast multiple votes respectively?
>>        The same NIC handle and Password to the same account.
>>        Once in, there is a drop-down box to allow the representative
>>        (me, in
>>        this case) to 'switch' to which ever entity I need to
>>        represent or
>>        manage.
>>        This is a very convenient way of managing different entities.
>>> If by nic-handle wouldn't it be easy for voters to be
>>        identified by
>>> the entities the represent (e.g. organisation ids) at least
>>        as a
>>> secondary check prior to login to vote.
>>        Generally, it is the entity that is the Member, not the person
>>        with the
>>        NIC-Handle.. more correctly, it is the entity's voting
>>        representative
>>        who can vote. There may be more than one person per entity who
>>        is
>>        enabled to use that privilege, but there is only one vote per
>>        entity,
>>        for example "Resource Member".
>>> I ask this because this will facilitate implementation of
>>        dispensing
>>> machine for paper ballot sheets for those not able to
>>        exercise
>>> e-voting based on logic and eliminate ending one voting
>>        option before
>>> the other as well as human errors. Obviously NOT in the
>>        coming 2014
>>> elections but later.
>>> 2. Going forward IMHO I think we should discouraged multiple
>>        voting by
>>> an individual for different members since the probability of
>>        voting
>>> differently is low and this only goes to increase votes
>>        across one
>>> side only. A "polished form" of election rigging. I know
>>        some will
>>> argue one can still like gin with different credentials and
>>        vote one
>>> sided but then :)
>>> Could someone from the community enlighten me on this
>>        please.
>>        I'm a Director of multiple, independent companies each with
>>        their own
>>        resources and each members of AFRINIC in their own right. My
>>        fellow
>>        Directors may prefer me to do all the voting because I
>>        understand a fair
>>        amount of the 'Politics' of AFRINIC. Are you suggesting I
>>        should not be
>>        allowed? That will not make them happy.
>>        Board Members have a Vote. If they also represent a resource
>>        Member, are
>>        you going to disenfranchise them that direct resource vote???
>>        As you almost suggested, all I need to do then is sit down
>>        with various
>>        collogues and have them login to my-afrinic and cast their
>>        vote
>>        according to my suggestions.
>>        Your suggestion will achieve inconvenience.
>>        Simply creating extra NIC-Handles should not work as AFRINIC
>>        requires
>>        the official Identity of everyone who wishes to use the
>>        e-voting
>>        system.
>>        Posted on my own behalf - representing multiple AFRINIC
>>        resource
>>        members.
>>> Kofi
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